Wednesday 14 November 2012

Adam Bowler: The First Interview - Conducted by Adam James Bullivant.

If you are a keen follower of British Wrestling, and have been on social media in the last few days, probability states you'll have seen the name Adam Bowler somewhere or another. He is the promoter of Leeds Wrestling Alliance, formerly APB. On Saturday night (10th November 2012), he ran a show at the Meanwoods Working Mens Club that soon became the talk of the wrestling community, for all the wrong reasons. Here, for the first time, Adam Bowler speaks in depth publicly about the events of last Saturday. As well as the first two shows, rumours of former scandals and the online bullying campaign that he claims has effect not only his business, but his personal life too.

For the record, I would like to state the following. The only editing of the interview has been for either spelling or grammatical reasons. Converting 'text type' to full English and correcting spelling/grammatical mistake. Neither have changed the content of the interview. Secondly, this interview was conducted on Tuesday 13th November 2013. And finally, the views expressed are the views of Adam Bowler. Not the views of Adam James Bullivant, Wrestling's Last Hope, The Indy Corner or anyone else concerned.

We simply gave him a platform, an internet based soup box if you will, to tell his side of the story. This is what came of it.

AJB: So, Adam Bowler, Welcome. First question. What made you want to create and run your own wrestling company?

Adam Bowler: I've always wanted to run events like this, from watching stuff like wrestling and other TV shows.

AJB: Had you been to many UK shows yourself, as a fan, before being a promoter?

Adam Bowler: Yes. UKW & DPW.

AJB: What did you think of the UK wrestling scene as a whole? Did you like these shows?

Adam Bowler: I did think UKW was great until he accused me of doing something I did not do. Maybe I went over the top but rather than slandering someone, you should deal with it in house And ask before shouting.

AJB: So you decide to put on your first show. How did you go about choosing the wrestlers you wanted to have on your show?

Adam Bowler: By going to other shows like UKW & DPW. Watched to see who would make a impact to my target audience.

AJB: What would you class as your target audience?

Adam Bowler: Families.

AJB: So, you ran your first show. I think it's fair to say the draw was about 10-20 people. How did you feel after that show? Where you disappointed with the low turn out?

Adam Bowler: I think there were about 50. I felt happy because I ran it and I think the matches ran well. Yes, disappointed that there was a low turn out. But a lot of internet fans would have came, but people were making me fight with them online.

AJB: Without naming names, why do you think people where trying to stop fans from coming to your show?

Adam Bowler: I would like to name a few. To say sorry to and hope they will help me learn the business and do things right. People were stopping others because I had a go at a few people, who were having ago at me.

AJB: Is it fair to assume Steven Fludder, promoter of Preston City Wrestling, is one you would like to say sorry to?

Adam Bowler: Yes. Not because of reasons others think. But I think it's the right thing to do and I think we both butted heads on some things we said to each other. Steven Fludder is a great promoter because I see other wrestlers post pictures of his shows and it looks great. Would love to learn off him. The main reason why we clashed was because someone else, under my name posted, on his PCW page and made out to be me. Of course he's going get mad. Understandable. But he needed to understand it was not me. Anything I said nasty to him, or his wife, I am very sorry for and I really hope he accepts my apology. I hope we can work together or something.

AJB: The big controversy after the first show was Kris Travis no showing. Is it correct he has already been paid his wage before show day and simply did not turn up? And what was the reason given for not showing up?

Adam Bowler: Yeah that's true. I did pay him upfront, I remember it like it was yesterday. He did simple not turn up. Because I made a joke about his girlfriend. Again, both of us were unprofessional.

AJB: Is it true you sent him a message saying, among the lines of: "Forget the money you owe me, if I can have a go on your girlfriend"?

Adam Bowler: Don't think that's what I said. I would have to read back the email, which I don't have.

AJB: So, going into your second show, with all these rumours about you flying about the internet, was it hard to be taken serious among fans/workers? Was this when, what you have deemed, bullying begin?

Adam Bowler: Yes, I would like the bullying to stop. I have learned my lesson and its affecting my personal life and health.

AJB: Whenever you have been targeted, you have always lashed back. Do you regret doing that now?

Adam Bowler: Yes. I have lashed back because I was listing to the wrong people. Defending them and defending myself. Yes I regret it.

AJB: That's good to hear. So, your second show, although I wasn't there, I heard, again had a low draw. When promoting that show, what advertising strategy did you employ? Did you have posters printed? Flyers made?

Adam Bowler: I only had posters made that time. There was a promotion running at the time and I did ask them to promote it at their show. Not sure if they did or not.

AJB: How many posters did you have printed for that show? And where they put up locally?

Adam Bowler: 100 posters. I know, not enough. They were put up all over Leeds. Even in a few promoters areas, which I asked them first.

AJB: On that show, you had help from well known UK promoter Steve Lynskey. How did that come about?

Adam Bowler: I think it was because we had 1 person in common, who we did not like. Again, not going to name names. We just started talking and trying to get his advice. Get well soon man.

AJB: Did his advice come in use when organising the event?

Adam Bowler: If I listened to it, yes.

AJB: So, we come to the events of last weekend. And a lot has been said about what happened. We where both there, and saw it first hand. So I'll run through the events as I remember them. Before the show began, there was an issue about two people in the crowd. They had driven down one of the wrestlers, and wrestling etiquette typically states that drivers should not have to pay admission In to the show. Firstly, where you aware of this rule and secondly, as a promoter, do you agree with it?

Adam Bowler: Yes I agree about letting the driver in free. But there were 2 people in that car, plus the wrestler.

AJB: So you believe only the actual driver of the car should have been let in for free and not the other person concerned?

Adam Bowler: Yes. I believe only the driver should get in for free. If the wrestler in question had stuck to the deal we had arranged, this issue would not of happened.

AJB: What was the agreed deal? If you don't mind me asking.

Adam Bowler: I was told he would be coming with someone else and me and this other person agreed the price.

AJB: Do you think you went too far in the way you tried to get them to pay? From what I've heard you threatened him to pay or he would be throw out the venue. Is this true?

Adam Bowler: I don't think I went too far. Reason being, I did not want to look bad in front of the venue and I did not want the police involved. In a shop, you can't just take things and enjoy them without paying. It goes the same if you want to watch a show, you would have to pay.

AJB: During this, voices where raised and it got very heated. It was resolved when one of the workers got involved and brokered a deal to let them stay. Afterwards, reports came backstage that you had left your own show, leading to your father asking the aforementioned worker to run the show? Is this true? Run me through what happened after the disagreement happened.

Adam Bowler: I don't know what the Manson deal was. All I was told was the guy paid in the end.

AJB: Did you walk out of your own show at any point?

Adam Bowler: 4 times, due to not wanting to break the law.

AJB: Did you leave the venue to calm down, before your angry got the better of you and you struck out, either verbally or physically?

Adam Bowler: Yes. If I attacked the people I wanted to attack, I could of stayed face. But I did the right thing by walking away to cool off

AJB: Do you suffer from anger management issues? And is it something you struggle with in everyday life?

Adam Bowler: Yes, and its only been worse since the APB Bully page. If that page came down, I would be happier and nicer to people.

AJB: Through all this drama, and yet another low draw, the show went ahead. I think it's fare to say, the wrestlers where not taking it overly serious. Yet every wrestler did stay and perform, as agreed. Did you actually see much of the show? And what did you think of it?

Adam Bowler: Only saw Caz Crash, Cruz coming out and MVK coming out.

AJB: Did you get any feedback from your friends/family that saw the show?

Adam Bowler. No. All it sounded like was them defending Kris Travis, who threatened me.

AJB: We will get to that in a minute. Many figures have been given about how many came to this show. A lot saying 7, with 4 paying. On the record, do you have an official number?

Adam Bowler: 11.

AJB: Is that 11 paying?

Adam Bowler: If Travis's friend paid, and this other person, it'd be 13.

AJB: So, after the show there was a situation with Kris Travis. Can you talk me through what happened, What has started it all?

Adam Bowler: Mr Travis lied to my family about ripping me off, like he's done to everyone else, and made me look like the bad guy. So I called him out on it. He said something like “I am gonna fucking punch you in a minute”. I went to the back to collect my things and, I think, Travis was trying to get to me and others were pushing him back or something. I said a few things back in defence. At the end of the day, Mr Travis should not have threatened anyone. I admit I said a few things back, but I stand by what I say about him. He's nothing but a rip off and I would never book him again.

AJB: From what I saw, he was stood on the stage. Your dad came over and Travis asked him for his travel expenses. At this point you shouted over not to give Travis any more money, leading to a shouting match across the hall before you walked off. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Adam Bowler: Yes. He was suppose to come with someone else at the time. I personally think Travis did that on purpose to get more money out of me.

AJB: Do you think he was trying to charge you more travel money then needed? Did you agree on a figure for travel before the show?

Adam Bowler: Yes. Yes, with the other driver.

AJB: Speaking of threatening behaviour, since the show, you have posted public statuses on your own Facebook stating you regret not hitting Kris Travis. One saying "Travis fears Bowler" and many calling him a rip off. Do you think this public backlash against him is fair? Specially thinking you are accusing him of threatening behaviour towards you.

Adam Bowler: He did rip me off and he did threaten me. So the truth had to be told.

AJB: Do you think it's hypocritical to accuse someone of threatening to punch you, and then go on Facebook and threaten to punch them. Are you both in the wrong when it comes to making threats?

Adam Bowler: Both in the wrong, Yes. But I don't deserve the bullying on facebook. The harassing calls. The fake email and facebook pages.

AJB: I don't think anyone deserves to be bullied, even if they don't help themselves... Just a few more questions. Your title belt has gone missing since the show. Do you think someone has stolen it?

Adam Bowler: Yes. I asked around, no one's seen it. But when I was in the room where the ring was, I did see some kids come from backstage. I am not going to accuse anyone unless I have proof. I suspect Travis took it in spite. We will never know.

AJB: If there was one thing you could say to the UK wrestling fans, about your company and you as a person/promoter, what would it be?

Adam Bowler: Stop bullying, abusing, harassing, hacking, making fake profiles and emails and give me a fair chance. Yes I forgot the 1st licence in July 2011. Should of known. But people gave me grief and I never got a fair chance. Let me go away, sort my head out, and let me run again and prove people wrong.

AJB: If there was one thing you could say to the UK wrestlers, what would it be?

Adam Bowler: I am sorry for starting fights with you all. I really hope you give me a chance to prove I belong here and can put on good shows in Leeds. LWA will return, no matter what anyone says.

AJB: I guess that answered my next question. After three shows that must, in total, have lost you a fair bit of money, do you intend to promote again?

Adam Bowler: Yes I intend to run again, If the people give me a fair chance and stop bullying me. And the UKFF should unblock me. I got 1,000's of emails.

AJB: You say this, but what do you say to people that think you would be better off not posting online at all, as it tends to only lead to more trouble? Do you think the best way to stop the bullying is to just ignore it?

Adam Bowler: Why should I be bullied to leave the social networks?

AJB: Fair enough. Maybe you should just choose who you are friends with a little more carefully. To finish up, do you have any final words to anyone reading this? Any final statements about your company or any closing words for the people you have have lashed out on in the past?

Adam Bowler: I am sorry to the people I have lashed out to. I want to put things right with one person, of cause, Mr Fludder. And others I won't name. Just stop the bullying and I will be nice back.

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