Tuesday 20 November 2012

Fight Club: PRO Infinity Tournament '12 Preview By Ben Ward

With FightClub:Pro’s annual Infinity tournament approaching quickly (#Infinity2012), let’s take a closer look at each competitor's chances of winning the 8-man end-of-year tournament.

The tournament itself will play out as two 4-man eliminators acting as semi-finals, with the two winners colliding in a final showdown at the end of the night.

Previous winners include Dan Ryder in 2010, and your current FCP champion MK McKinnan in 2011.

The card will also feature the Ascension Ladder match (#Ascension), which presumably will feature MK Mckinnan defending his title against an as yet unnamed opponent. No matter who stands in “Future’s” way, this promises to be a breathtaking spectacle.

Keep an eye on the FCP Facebook and Twitter accounts for announcements.

Now – onto the eight men will step into the cage, vying to reach Infinity:

The Hunter Brothers

Although more known for their matches as a tag team, both are perfectly capable of working singularly at the highest standard. The reason I have mentioned them together however, is because, if drawn in the same bracket, they could well choose to work together. Eliminating the other wrestlers in their match would ensure that one of Tipton's favourite family reaches the final, following a face-off between the two brothers.

Chris Brookes

The crowd chanted "We Want Brookes" - They got Brookes.
After facing a trial series that would have some of the countries finest wrestlers worried (one on one with Dave Mastiff? Death Match anyone?), he is finally seen as a fulltime member of the FCP roster, and even picked up a win over established CZW (amongst many other top American Indy feds) stars Irish Airborne.

Make no mistake, Chris is an underdog and this would be an unbelievable fairytale ending to the year for him. Just keep in mind though - ANYTHING can happen at FCP.

Clint Margera

Not many people can say they've stood toe-to-toe with Masada twice in less than six months and lived. Masada has faced a veritable "who's who" of indy stars this year and I dare say, Clint posed as much of a problem to him as your Davey Richards, Michael Elgin and everyone else.

While he may be known as a death match worker (buy the t-shirt people!), the pain threshold and resiliency that comes with the style could work in his favour in a tournament like this. (Not to mention the fact that, technically, there can’t be any DQ’s in a four-way match…)

Rockstar Spud

Spud is somewhat of a wild card. Having spent the last few months flying between England and Florida, hanging out with Hulk Hogan etc, his ego has clearly been boosted to an unfathomable size.

While he could pull every trick in the book to make it through the tournament, he could just as easily take a microphone before his semi-final, piss the other three guys off, and be eliminated first in spectacular fashion.

This might be the last time we see Spud in the Planet (or at least for a long time), and I guarantee he won’t leave without making some sort of “Impact.” (See what I did there!?)

Dan Ryder

Ryder is a former Infinity Tournament winner.
However, I don’t think he can repeat it – Not because I question his ability as a wrestler, but because I think the FCP regulars would tear the building down and/or riot before he managed to win. At this point, he has probably overtaken Spud as the most hated man in FCP.

Trent Seven

What can you say about Trent? Well for one thing, he does not die. There is absolutely zero quit in Seven, and again, this can work in his favour in a tournament setting.

It took world-travelling superstar Eddie Edwards stamping on his head 20+ times to beat him (which you can actually see in one of the videos below), after a near thirty minute war, and Trent still didn’t give up – the referee stopped the match. That should tell you everything you need to know.

He is a former FCP champion, and as such, must be considered one of the favourites.

Dave Mastiff

Mastiff has been an unstoppable wrecking machine this year, and it’s debateable whether anyone can stop him. His record includes breaking the “unbreakable” Michael Elgin, and defeating DJ Hyde, the man with the (albeit self-styled) moniker of “The Most Powerful Man in Independent Wrestling” amongst other monstrous wins.

The only way YOU can find out (at least until the DVD comes out) who goes all the way and becomes the Infinity Tournament 2012 champion, is to head to The Planet in Wolverhampton on December 7th. For just £5 entry, this truly cannot be missed.

Prepare for a late night and I’ll see you by the cage.

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