Friday, 8 June 2012

WWE's Clash of The Champions DVD Set: My view By Stuart Rodgers

WWE release a lot of DVD sets looking at stuff from the past be it about superstars or gimmick matches etc. but for once, they have released a set that really grabbed my attention. Many may be thinking I'm just an indy mark and although that is true as far as the current product goes, back in the day when I first became hooked on wrestling I was a WWF fan and soon after I discovered WCW. And one of WCW's flagship broadcasts was the Clash of The Champions and this is the set WWE have released officially titled The Best of WCW Clash of The Champions and it's a 3 DVD set.

I have many of the Clashes on DVD already but this is the first official release of anything COTC related and the WWE have come through for this here writer/fan. There maybe some inclusions in the set that may have some old school fans scratching their heads as well as some omissions too but overall, it's a very good set with some real gems.

I won't delve into spoilers but I will talk about some of the matches. The first match on the set was to no surprise to me the main event from the first Clash which was the NWA world champion Ric Flair against Sting and this match is the one credited with 'making' Sting. As I said, no spoilers from me as it's not a review as such but this match was very good for various reasons.

From Clash XXIII (June 93) Flair gets my attention again as he teams with fellow Horseman Arn Anderson to face the then WCW tag team champions The Hollywood Blondes (which were Brian Pillman & 'Stunning' Steve Austin. Tremendous action in this match that was built up well on WCW TV especially the 'Flair For The Gold' segment which is not on this DVD set but I have included the video below via Youtube. And on the match itself, Jim Ross did a great job on commentary, in fact, it was a stellar job.

Another match that is on the set was from Clash XXVI from January of 1994 and this was an elimination match featuring Sting & and that man again Ric Flair as a team this time against Big Van Vader & Rick Rude with Harley Race in their corner. I tweeted at the time I saw it on this set "I recall it as if it was yesterday" and it wasn't too long after it took place I was able to watch it on the good ol' VHS.

In closing, pick up this set if you can, if you were not able to see the Clashes back at the time or get them on DVD afterwards then this set is for you.

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