Thursday 14 June 2012

The Indy Corner presents An Interview with Homicide

The Indy Corner: Welcome to The Indy Corner Homicide, thanks for your time today. First off, tell us as a fan growing up what wrestlers/promotions did you enjoy watching?

I enjoyed pro wrestling a lot when I was a kid , I was a big fan of the NWA, AWA, World class, WWF, growing up watching Terry Funk, Masahiro Chono, Sting, Carlos Colon and The Four Horsemen

The Indy Corner: What made you make the jump from being a fan to actually getting into the business?

I wanted to become a pro baseball player (MLB) but hanging with gangsters doing really stupid stuff my dreams for playing in the majors vanished , so as a fan of pro wrestling I wanted to become a wrestler

The Indy Corner: Where did your training take place and who trained you?

I trained in Brooklyn New York , there were helpers not trainers so basically I trained by myself for couple of years until I met the Raging Bull Manny Fernandez.

The Indy Corner: What year was this?


The Indy Corner: Any stories you recall from your days training that the readers may be interested in?

I don’t remember the past but I had my school called The Doghouse and there was really tough training , I'm talking about 24/7

The Indy Corner: Tell us how you came to use the name Homicide.

In the beginning I was the "Latin Terror a cross of Sting and The Undertaker for2 years, it was so bad and I wanted a change, I hang out with guys from the gangs, gangbangers as they are known, so my friend told me be yourself, I didn't know what that meant, so we was watching a show called Cops and I saw a guy on the run for Homicide, my friend told me , that's it Homicide I hated it haha but it stuck on me all these years

The Indy Corner: I first saw you wrestle in the early 2000's on the New York indies like ICW & USA Pro, tell us about some of memories you have of these shows?

To me both were the same, one had story lines the other had story lines, the shows ended but it was fun.

The Indy Corner: Your partner on most of these shows was Boogaloo, fill us in on him.

Baddest guy on the planet he could do MMA and wrestling, I always say don't let the size fool you I'll make you vomit and he break your arm lol

The Indy Corner: ICW promoter Jac Sabboth gets a bit of a rough ride on the internet by a lot of people on the New York scene, do you think this is deserved and what do you have to say about Jac be it positive or negative?

I've heard so many stories about how bad he is as a promoter but he never screwed me over but until this day people still mad at him because of bounced checks

The Indy Corner: USA Pro promoter Frank Goodman has a reputation of his own, unlike Sabboth, Goodman was/is a wrestler himself under the guise of The Masked Maniac, again, tell us your memories of working on his shows and the man himself please.

Goodman has always been good, his shows were very long but good, when ECW was around they (USA Pro) packed the arena called the Elks Lodge in NYC, after they closed ECW Goodman was the only promoter to pack that arena something like of 900 to 1000.

The Indy Corner: Also in the early 2000's I saw a lot of you in JAPW which was one of my favourite promotions but anyway, JAPW featured people very close to you like Low-Ki & Dan Maff, tell us about these days in JAPW as well as Ki & Maff.

JAPW is my home fed and one of the greatest promotions in the world , I trained Low-Ki and I knew he was going to be a star because all he wanted to do is train hard and take over the world. In JAPW he had battles with people like Teddy Hart, Jack Evans and the list goes on. JAPW was that group 1997 through 2011, right now they taking a vacation but when it starts again hopefully they will rule the indies again

The Indy Corner: Staying with JAPW, a couple of names the readers may not be familiar with are Derranged & Ghost Shadow, the former did get a spot inthe early days of ROH as part of Special K and the latter did feature on one ROH show in 2003 but whatever happened to Ghost Shadow and what other memories do you have of these guys?

Derranged was small but good too, had a big heart , he became a rapper and he is good. Idon't know what happen to Ghost Shadow but I tell you he had talent, he brought that lucha style

The Indy Corner: Now onto ROH, you came in during the early days with Boogaloo as the Natural Born Sinners, a question I've always wanted to ask, what was the story with the horror masks, in your case Michael Myers from Halloween, I guess you were a big fan of the movies?

I love Halloween the movie , we love horror flicks , so we took the horror style to the wrestling ring

The Indy Corner: In ROH you two were more of a hardcore style tag team, was this something you wanted or was it something you wanted yourself at the time?

We could do any style, at that time it doesn’t matter if we did that hardcore style we was team players but now it’s a different story doing that style.

The Indy Corner: You were embroiled in a very violent feud with Steve Corino, this culminated in a no rope barbed wire match, memories of this feud, that match and Corino around this time?

I don’t like him, I popped his ear drum and he injured my shoulder , to me it wasn’t a feud it was real life, now we getting older and we got kids so it like we need to relax and let our kids be the future, as right now we still don’t talk but we got respect for each other that we could be in the same locker room , that doesn’t mean we go to clubs and hang out because we don’t.

The Indy Corner: The feud I think really got people's attention involving you that saw the wrestling side of Homicide was with Samoa Joe, the two of you had some tremendous matches, thoughts on the feud and Joe?

Joe brings the best wrestling out of me in the ring and I know I bring that fire when he steps in the ring with me, Joe is the toughest opponent I’ve had, we traveled the world and brought 110% to the feud everywhere we went, small place or big it does not matter, it was a classic feud.

The Indy Corner: You also feuded with the late Trent Acid and the always controversial Teddy Hart, memories and stories of these two?

I knew Trent when he was 16 year old and I feuded with him from New York to New Jersey to Philly, he was tough and a hard worker and I still wish he was here. As for Teddy Hart, he’s got a big mouth but that crazy son of bitch could back it up .

The Indy Corner: At Final Battle 03 you were on there with AJPW's Satoshi Kojima, you were knocked cold during the match bit was able to carry on, what if any, memories do you have of the match?

He give me a belly to belly overhead suplex and I got knocked out, all I remember is Steve Mack, Low-Ki and CM Punk checking on me. The next day I travelled with The SAT's and All Japan roster to Texas and all I was thinking is I hope I don’t have a concussion and I’m thankful I didn’t, Kojima is the man and I want a rematch , this time with no outside the ring suplex lol.

The Indy Corner: Back at Do or Die IV in February 05 you defended the Full Impact Pro title against Antonio Banks who is now known as MVP, did you think back then he would go on to have the success he has had in the WWE & NJPW?

I wanted him in my group in ROH called The Rottwilers but the booker told me WWE going to sign him and I had a feeling he will go and he did, we still talk and good friends and now he’s ruling NJPW.

The Indy Corner: Also in 05 you had a great Best of 5 series with Bryan Danielson, tell us what do you recall of this series?

A brawler vs a wrestler, and I wanted to show my wrestling side, matter fact I did defeat him with a SUBMISSION in match #2 but he did win the series but I know it was not easy for him

The Indy Corner: Like with MVP, did you ever think Danielson would actually go to the WWE and be the success he has?

No I really thought he wasn’t not going to the WWE, I thought he would finish school and become a teacher for college , he is a smart guy now I’m happy for him especially he winning the heavyweight title and feud with CM Punk.

The Indy Corner: At Unforgettable also in 05 you got to team with Japanese legend Kenta Kobashi to defeat Samoa Joe& Low-Ki, first off, what was your reaction when you were told you'd be teaming with Kobashi and how do you think the match went?

ARE U KIDDING lol, it was crazy teaming with Kenta , I’ve watched him for years , I always remember Low-Ki had me in a camel clutch and Kobashi chop Ki so hard that I felt it.

The Indy Corner: In 05 you ventured to the UK to be a part of the Universal Uproar show which was promoted by Alex Shane. On the show you faced long time friend Low-Ki, I was there that night and the match was amazing, tell us of your time here in the UK and your experiences of that show please.

The UK is a great country I’ve been there 4 times and it has always been great business and fun, it’s a 10 hour flight but it worth it, great country, great fans and great beer.

The Indy Corner: You finally got your hands on the ROH title when you beat Danielson for the strap at Final Battle 06. I recall this match as being an emotional match; talk us through the build up, the match and the aftermath please.

I was getting screwed every time so I decided that I couldn’t beat Brian, and I would leave. But that night might be my greatest moment in my career, afterwards when I won the belt when everyone came to the ring, it was real when I came to the back I had the Briscoes pouring beer on me and CM Punk came from Chicago to check out the show and partying with Joe & I, great night that I will never forget.

The Indy Corner: We’ve talked a lot about ROH and the interview has gone quite far so let’s change direction and talk about TNA. You debuted there in December of 2005, but you are more known for your time with Hernandez & Konnan as the Latin American Xchange, memories of what you thought when you first got into TNA?

Konnan got me the job and I was like I’ve made it, a kid from Brooklyn will be on TV, at first I had two partners, first it was Apollo from Puerto Rico but he got messed up so he got let go then it was Ricky Vega and he was good but Konnan didn’t want him so Hernandez came into the picture and LAX was on fire, we were the first Latin NWA tag champs, I had a Blast in TNA being part of the LAX group.

The Indy Corner: TNA has had some decent teams such as TheMotor City Machine Gunns, Team 3D, The British Invasion, Beer Money to name afew, tell me what team do you think was the best to do business with and the worst?

The Machine Guns were fast and good, we never feuded with them or The British Invasion, Beer Money was the future of tag team division and The Dudleys are legends, they was my favourite fighters to feud with in TNA

The Indy Corner: You turned on Hernandez and joined the World Elite group in September of 2009, was this something you wanted, didn’tyou feel the LAX had run its course or did you did you try and fight it with the creative team in TNA and keep the team together?

I didn’t want to turn on Hernandez , I think Eric young is underrated but I feel me and Super Mexx got a full tank of gas and TNA had a different vision and I didn’t like it and it was a dumb move, it wasn’t a business decision , it was something else, I tried to fight it but I guess I lost.

The Indy Corner: After an injury and sporadic appearances on Xplosion & IMPACT you began to seek a release from your contract and then you finally got it in August 2010, how did it finally feel for you to be free from the shackles of a TNA contract?

I didn’t tell the office I wanted my release, that was a rumour that is on the internet but I did want to leave when Hogan and Bischoff came in , afterwards when I got let go I was happy, it was like I got released from jail, then I got little angry because I like to know why I got released .

The Indy Corner: At this point, I want you to shoot on TNA, let us all know what you feel about TNA and your time there.

TNA never was bad until the WCW bots came along , I got there in late 2005 and I had a blast but politics came along I guess Hogan and Bischoff didn’t like the vision and didn’t like me, so I respect it but when they came it turned bad and that when my pride took over, I don’t watch TNA but I hope they do good without the bull shit plus, everything Scott Streiner says it true.

The Indy Corner: You made your way back on the indies and it was a different crowd, you tangled with the likes of Sami Callihan and JonMoxley who is now in the WWE’s development system as Dean Ambrose. What was it like working with these younger guys and was it much different on the indies from what you left behind?

It wasn’t different it was disappointment because of myself and my damn injuries. Mox is going to be a star and Sami is going to get signed, I’m hoping I work with these men because now I’m healed and not hurt if/when I face them. They got hurt Homicide , now I’m like Homicide that rocked the world with my ghetto fork a couple years back

The Indy Corner: Something I have to ask you, even though it was on a US tour, how did it feel to finally get to work under the NJPW banner when they toured in May of 2011?

As a fan it was bad ass lol but a pro was still a bad ass. That roster is awesome, hard workers and I love to WORK FOR NJPW

The Indy Corner: Your first match with them was you teaming with Low-Ki going over the legendary Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger & Tiger Mask IV and in your second match you teamed with a man who is considered the best in the world Davey Richards & Rhyno where again you went over this time against, Kazuchika Okada,Ryusuke Taguchi & Togi Makabe tell us about these matches and what they meant to you.

The first two matches was great, myself and Low-Ki teamed up vs Tiger mask & Thunder Liger was good, Liger & I have wrestled a singles match before and was great so I knew his game plan, the six man the next day was good too, had a chance to team with Rhino and Davey plus I had a chance be in the ring with NJPW best of Kazuchika Okada, Ryusuke Taguchi & Togi Makabe , I’d like to battle them again and bring Eddie Kingston with me.

The Indy Corner: On the final day in Philadelphia you & Ki teamed again to face IWGP Jnr tag team champions Apollo 55 (Prince Devitt& Ryusuke Taguchi) and this for me was a bit of a dream match, how was the match for yourself?

My opinion it could be wayyy better than the match in Philly, I didn’t like it and I hope we will get a rematch and mark my words it be way better than the first one , those guys are great fighters and champions

The Indy Corner: You returned to ROH in September of 2010 where you were involved in various matche sand angles but this run also saw you reunite with Hernandez where you challenged but failed in your quest for the ROH tag team titles against, probably one of the best tag teams in the world at that point, The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castignoli) – What was it like reforming the LAX for one more night and what did you think of the KOW, would you rank them as one of the world’s best teams yourself?

LAX was a one time that year because Hernandez was with TNA, that might be my best match on my return in ROH because I put on a horrible performance because of my injures at that time. I’ve know Chris for years and Claudio is the total package , both men are very good and one of the best teams in the world

The Indy Corner: You wrestled Rhyno in a street fight at Best in The World 2011 and surprisingly to me and maybe to others you actually went over, I say I was surprised because like the crowd in attendance I knew you had signed an exclusive contract with the new group the Urban Wrestling Federation and the fans didn’t give you a great send off, I know you cut a promo after the match but really, how did it make you feel to hear your hometown crowd turn on you in that way?

I didn’t care that they turned on me , next time I came back it was like Stone Cold was there so they are confused but I really think it was those jack asses that go on the message boards who can’t get a girl friend and jerk off to a Brad Pitt movie. I love my fans and respect them but I LOVE being a bad guy, so it’s like be careful who u boo because you might buy my shirt or DVD lol, damn smart marks lol

The Indy Corner: You again returned to ROH in September of2011 and then the last time you worked for them was March of this year, how are things with yourself and ROH now?

It’s good, new owners with a different vision, I’d like to be there full time when I heal, when I came back I had two groin injuries and a crack left rib, I laugh so hard when some ROH fans was saying “Homicide doesn’t have his fire, I hope he gets it”, well I’m not a machine I’ll be working with injuries for the fans but some should get kick in the balls for thinking they know it all.

The Indy Corner: You also ran the ropes in Dragon Gate USA& EVOLVE both booked by former ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky, did you find Gabe any different to how he was when he was booker in ROH?

Gabe is the man, it was different but like I say I was hurt and I was wrestling with nagging injuries, I don’t watch his product anymore more but I’m hoping it gets big.

The Indy Corner: I’ve asked you how your relationship is with ROH at the moment but recently they have released a 2 disc best of compilation of your time in the promotion, did you have any input in the matches included and if not, are you happy with the choices?

Haha, nope but I am happy, it’s my third DVD and I think this is going to be a great release.

The Indy Corner: I have to know, next to Low-Ki, one of your closest friends in the business is Eddie Kingston, tell the readers about Eddie, I’ve interviewed him before and his knowledge of old school wrestling, like yours, is immense, please, give us your views on Eddie.

Kingston is very passionate and he takes his work very serious , one of the realest , true guys in the business and out the ring , I always say he’s my evil twin brother.

The Indy Corner: Before we close, I have to ask you about your time as a trainer, you have trained a lot of guys in the business such as Low-Ki, Derranged, Monsta Mack, Grim Reefer, Dan Maff and the name most mainstream fans will know – Ezikiel Jackson, aside from Ki & Jackson as he was on WWE TV, who has been your best trainee?

Azreil, Steve Mack and Papadon . I will say this, I am one of the best trainers in the world, but don’t let my size fool you and my party ways.

The Indy Corner: To end, a bit of word association, I’l lgive you some names or something linked with the wrestling business and you just say the first thing that pops in your head.

Johnny Rodz - One of the toughest Latino in wrestling

Konnan -
Hall of famer

Steve Corino - My wrestling enemy

Teddy Hart - Crazy SOB but he is a Hart

Hernandez - Proved that big men could fly

Bryan Danielson - Best in the world

CM Punk - The next big thing

Raven - Great mind in the business

Frank Goodman - Like him or hate him but he is one good promoter

Jac Sabboth - C’MON JAC

Gabe Sapolsky - Paul Heyman of ROH

Adam Pearce - King of old school

Delirious - Tough SOB lizard

Jim Cornette - One of the best mangers of all time

Cary Silkin - He did save ROH mid years

Dixie Carter - WHY

Jeff Jarrett - Loves Nascar

ROH - My second home

TNA - Bring back the six sided ring

Eddie Kingston - My evil twin

Low-Ki - The future

Pro Wrestling - Sport without the BS

The Indy Corner: Homicide, I want to thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and good luck with the rest of your career.


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