Sunday 17 June 2012

The Indy Corner's Preview of ROH Best in The World 2012 By Stuart Rodgers

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I would like to think you all heard The Indy Corner which went live at the end of this past week (if not, why not?) seriously, if not you can find it here - where myself and Paul Kissock discuss the upcoming iPPV and below are basically my thoughts that you would of heard.

So, on June 24th, ROH have their next iPPV, Best in The World 2012 – ‘Hostage Crisis’. The main event will be ROH champion Kevin Steen defending against the man he won the title off Davey Richards. This show of course will give Richards the chance to win the title at two Best in The World shows in a row after beating Eddie Edwards in 2011. The match has been built around some dissention with Richards and ROH executive producer Jim Cornette, Cornette didn’t want to give Richards his rematch but under pressure he conceded and said he could have the match but it would be his one and only chance. Now the last time this stipulation was used was of course at Border Wars when Cornette said the very same thing to Steen who then of course went on to win the title so does that mean Richards will regain the title at Best in The World? For me I’d say no, it’s far too early to take the strap off Steen but it’s all about Cornette I feel and the fact he may want a more technical wrestler at the helm of ROH. Either way this match should be a cracker, the fans in New York are always behind Steen and Richards seems to get a lot of heat, we’ll have to wait and see, could this be that moment when Jim Cornette aligns himself with Kevin Steen, I wonder?

Elsewhere on the card, the TV title will be on the line as champion Roderick Strong will defend against the man he won the title off, Jay Lethal and the man who until Border Wars was undefeated but suffered a loss to Lethal Tomasso Ciampa. Three-ways can be good this one however I don’t think will work because of the different styles, I hope I’m proved wrong and it’s a great match. Also, I hope this is finally the time Ciampa gets his hands on the strap.

The ROH tag team champions Wrestling’s Greateast Tag Team (Haas & Benjamin) will defend against The All Night Xpress (Rhett Titus & Kenny King). I think this could be finally the time the ANX win the ROH titles, do I personally want them to, no, but I am not a fan of WGTT either so it’s a lesser of two evils maybe the ANX having the straps will be something different, I’d like one day soon for The Young Bucks to win the straps so with a baby face team of the ANX who have a history of sorts with The Bucks could be the team to drop the belts to So-Cal’s finest.

We have a battle of former ROH champions as Homicide will battle against Eddie Edwards. I don’t think people give Homicide enough credit, they look at him as a thug but the guy is a great wrestler and one of my favourite ones ever on the indies in ROH and JAPW he has had some great matches. On the flip side, as good as Eddie is, and I have seen him wrestle live twice myself, people seem to really put him over and as I said, he is good but not really great, but that’s just my opinion of course, you all have your own. I recall vividly the fans in New York turning on Homicide as he then signed an exclusive contract with the Urban Wrestling Federation but he has been back a couple of times since and I hope the crowd get behind the hometown boy and he goes over Edwards in this match.

After previously facing Roderick Strong in ROH, Finlay returns to face Michael Elgin. This is going to be a war, Elgin is a big dude but if you’ve seen Showdown in The Sun, you will of seen Elgin go against then ROH champion Davey Richards and you will know, he can go. This match will be a hard hitting affair like most Finlay matches but I hope ROH/Finlay do the right thing and put Elgin over.

Futureshock were a great team in ROH but for whatever reasons they have been split and will now finally face each other one on one in an iPPV match. These two guys are of course Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reily. Cole who I have seen wrestle live twice too is a tremendous wrestler and Kyle is good too but there are too many MMA/Davey Richards influences in his style and for me, this takes away him being a top tier guy for the time being. I would like to think Cole will go over after all, he did pin the then champion Richards in the main event of the 10th Anniversary Show where Cole teamed with Edwards to face Richards & O’Reily.

Also on the card, we have The Briscoe Brothers squaring off against The Guardians of Truth, now as discussed on the show we don't really know who these guys are going to be for sure but it has us guessing, that I know.

They are all the matches I know of as of yet but I’m guessing someone who should be on the card is Mike Bennett because he is a top tier guy in the company for me. I’d also hope the Briscoes will be on the card. Of course I’m a fan of The Young Bucks but I hear, I don’t know how true it is, that they, along with TJ Perkins will be kept off ROH shows until August to cut costs.

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