Saturday, 23 June 2012

Scotland's Insane Championship Wrestling Joins WWNLive For First iPPV

Days removed from leaving a British television station, ICW's most recent tapings are now available on demand and uncensored on

ICW's weekly adult-themed TV series was broadcast in nine countries before the satellite station aired a rerun in an early Sunday morning slot, getting into trouble with OFCOM (the British equivalent of the FCC). After initially being ordered to self-censor future episodes, the network suddenty dropped on June 15th to avoid further problems with OFCOM. ICW owner Mark Dallas has stated that ICW was at no time informed a repeat of ICW was airing each week at 5am and that he is stunned with the incompetence of the T.V station.

ICW 1: "Up in Smoke" features top independent talent from Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom such as Dragon Gate UK star Noam Dar, former NWA British Heavyweight Champion Johnny Moss, and Zero One star James Scott.

Lionheart, who headlined TNA's last event in Glasgow against Jeff Jarrett, also competes for number one contendership.

This is the country's biggest stars in front of a standing room only crowd, exclusive to for just $9.99

A trailer is available below:

And more information is available at WWN Live Description:

"The UK's highest rated wrestling promotion brings the action formerly exclusive to MyChannel to the world wide web!

In front of a standing room only sold out crowd at the Classic Grand in Glasgow, Scotland, BT Gunn defends the ICW Championship against three men he has defeated in singles action, but he doesn't need to be pinned to lose the title in this fatal four way.

Waiting in the wings are Lionheart and Mikey Whiplash, both looking to become the #1 contender for the very first time.

Zero G Champion and Dragon Gate UK star Noam Dar teams with friend Andy Wild in a tag title tournament quarter final against the Coffeys, while "Teen Sensation" Christopher takes on Mr. ICW, Chris Renfrew."

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