Friday 8 June 2012

The Wrestling Drug By Adam Seguin

This article may fool many who simply read the big header. This isn’t an article that discusses drug use in Pro Wrestling, it’s a creative piece that draws the line linking wrestling and the effect it has on people to the effects of drugs and what it has on people. Confused? Read on…

If you were to describe a drug you’d probably use words like dependency, addiction, an aid as well as something that overtime can do damage because of how unnatural it is. Listening to many interviews featuring wrestlers and constantly hearing how bumps and the life style of being a professional wrestler isn’t natural, a person isn’t supposed to fall like that, a person isn’t supposed to be subjecting themselves to that life style for so long, traveling far away from home and in some cases sleeping in your car or going on a trip with people crammed into a vehicle going hours away for a small payday if that at all.

You look at these things and you tell yourselves “Why would anyone want to go through that? It’s stressful, it’s busy and it’s painful.” With any other drug, comes the occasional side effect of dependency. These people do it because in some way or another it fills a void, whether that void is competition, traveling, meeting new people or whatever it may be, there are a lot of people who take all the negative and work for those positive results. Working to get good matches, good spots on the cards, work for new promotions or if you’re a nationally contracted worker maybe you get a higher spot or a more prominent spot on the card.

I love wrestling personally and I don’t want to leave a sour note on this discussion of passion and pride for one’s journey and body of work but in the end it’s doing irreparable damage all in the name of providing us with entertainment that we never forget. In fact I’d even say a lot we as fans take for granted as we can watch a Ladder Match or even a regular match and not even have a clue of how beaten up a worker may feel.

Speaking of the viewers, let’s take a look at ourselves. Most of us (not all) can be very critical of today’s product whether it be live or on TV. Whether or not we’re the kind to protest watching it, it tends to be something we can`t help but to follow at least.

The way I kind of see it, we love wrestling, more than that… I think wrestling has to be a part of you in order to really be a fan and for that reason alone we become dependent to a degree on it. People can question how you can be so critical on something you like, but it’s been like that way for quite a long time.

In the end, whether you’re a worker or a fan, the business revolves around people who are in one way or another hooked on wrestling. It may seem odd that a lot of the fan base criticize the latest edition of Monday Night Raw, yet will watch it next week or we’ll follow the independent promotions such as ROH, DGUSA or EVOLVE. And for that reason alone if you can relate to this you may be on the drug known as Professional Wrestling, something that the WWE wellness policy does not test for.

Until next time,

Adam Seguin

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