Thursday 16 February 2012

ROH Tenth Anniversary Show - Main Event Thoughts By Stuart Rodgers

On March 4th ROH have their 10th anniversary show in New York City and there has been 3 matches announced, but it's the main event I want to talk about. Duckman & I covered it on The Indy Corner last week but I want to write about it here.

The match set for the main event is ROH World Champion Davey Richards & Kyle O'Reily against Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole. Now, I like all these guys as wrestlers, nothing against them at all but I am torn as to having the match as a main event on of all shows, the 10th anniversary show. I think a show of this stature should have a ROH world title match as the main event but the question would be, as I said on The Indy Corner, who would Richards face? Many will say straight away Kevin Steen, and I like most want to see that match too but I want to see it built up more and if that means it takes place at Final Battle 2012 then I'm fine with that. So, if there was an ROH title match at the March 4th iPPV and Steen wasn't involved, who could be a credible challenger for Richards? The way I look at it is not only someone us the fans can actually believe could beat Richards but credible as in are they deserved of a shot? Who in ROH deserves to get in there with Richards with the strap on the line, I mean, we've seen Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards a few times now, and they will both probably get back in the world title picture somewhere down the line but for now, I don't want to see these guys have a match with Richards.

People will know who listen to The Indy Corner I have said for a while now I think ROH have big plans for Michael Elgin and I still stick by that and maybe, just maybe he would of been a credible opponent for Richards if that choice was made. On this weeks show, that should be available on the weekend, we talk about the latest match to be announced for the show which is ROH TV champion Jay Lethal defending against Tomaso Ciampa. Ciampa is someone who, like Elgin has a bright future in ROH and I think the TV title is ROH's only other singles title next to the world title so Ciampa taking that title would be a great move and make him for me not only a credible challenger to Richards but a legit one.

Now, also on the last episode of The Indy Corner I did say, they're maybe having this tag team main even to build future storylines, Richards & O'Reily are close friends and O'Reily was a tag team partner with Cole in Future Shock and we all know Richards was a partner of Eddie Edwards in the American Wolves so could we be seeing Richards vs. Cole in the future or maybe even a turn by O'Reily on Richards to get himself a title match? I really can't say but ROH has a great roster and I think in the weeks and months to come I'm excited for the product.

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