Friday 10 February 2012

The History of The PWG Tag Titles Vol. 2 (Review By Shaun Nichols)

History of the PWG Tag Titles – Disc 2

X-Foundation vs Super Dragon & Excalibur

The challengers aren’t messing around here and want to regain the titles, they hit stereo dives on Excalibur & Super Dragon before they can even get in the ring. A double legsweep and a moonsault from Scott Lost gets them a couple of quick two counts before the champions can settle into the match. Lost misses his superman spear on Excalibur to change the tide, and Super Dragon is quick to take advantage by hitting a psycho driver even though he’s not the legal man. The champs have control on Scott Lost and regularly attack Joey Ryan in the corner which stops Lost being able to tag out on a number of occasions. There is a pretty strange sight in the background where you can see an old lady leading an even older lady past ringside. Did they stumble into the school hall by mistake? I need to know.
Back to the match and Lost is still trying to survive and make the tag, Dragon hits a double stomp from the top for a close two count. Lost rebounds by finally hitting his superman spear and hitting a superkick on Dragon and now he can make the long awaited tag to Ryan. Ryan goes wild with a couple of suplexes for two counts, and we get the start of the big moves as the match moves into the final minutes. Among the highlights being the champs get pinfall attempts with a curb stomp and a brainbuster, while Lost hits an ace crusher before tagging out. Ryan gets double teamed and looks to be in serious trouble though mis-communication allows him the opportunity to tag out, Scott Lost isn’t interested and walks away. Somehow Ryan manages to roll up Excalibur for the win while Dragon got himself distracted. Fun match. ***1/2

Joey Ryan vs Scott Lost (Winner gets the PWG Tag Titles)

After winning the titles, Ryan had offered a belt to Lost but this kind gesture was not accepted. Here they would face off in a Ladder match and the winner gets to take the titles and choose a new partner. Lost as the heel tries to attack Ryan before the bell but gets thwarted. Ryan brings a ladder into play and then goes off to get a second ladder. Excalibur on commentary noted that Joey isn’t very bright because there was no reason not to use the ladder in the ring. Very true. This allows Lost to take the advantage, and among the offence Lost suplexes the ladder from the top rope onto the prone Ryan. Ryan also gets busted open pretty early on. More ladder fun is not good news for Joey, but eventually Scott thinks that he’s weakened Ryan enough to climb the ladder. He’s wrong and he’s cut off, Ryan hits a spinebuster onto a ladder but it doesn’t lead to an extended period of offence. They are trading big moves now, Lost goes for a spin kick but gets caught with a german suplex onto a ladder in a nice spot. More failed climbing attempts, Lost accidently hits referee Rick Knox with the superman spear, he then hits Ryan with the same move. He goes to climb but Joey again stops him and as they battling on the top of the ladders, Ryan hits a DDT to knock out Lost. Ryan then claims the titles but the ref is still out. The First Family (Frankie Kazarian & Babi Slymm) attack Ryan. The belts are left with Lost and he’s declared the winner. After the show he cuts the classic heel promo saying he won the match on his own and he’s moving past Joey Ryan. This isn’t a particularly flashy Ladder match with the ridiculous highspots, but I found it to be a good match with a decent story to tell. ***3/4

Scott Lost chooses his new Tag Team Partner

The First Family are expecting Lost to choose Babi Slymm but Scott goes for Chris Bosh. Kazarian wants to know if Bosh as ever wrestled in PWG before. This is funny as Bosh is a regular, Kazaraian also wants to know if he’s got a good win record. Bosh claims it’s decent and although Kazarian & Slymm aren’t happy they accept Lost’s choice. Let’s hope for Chris Bosh, that they win their first match.

Scott Lost & Chris Bosh vs Super Dragon & B-Boy

B-Boy actually chose Super Dragon for this match at the last minute based on the fact they had teamed on a couple of occasions before including a win over the Briscoes. Dragon dominates Bosh early but when he goes for a rolling kick, Bosh comes out of it with a single leg crab in a very nice spot. The challengers do dominate the early exchanges, especially with Dragon hitting his stiff strikes and kicks to the back. After a few minutes the champs finally get to enjoy a bit of control over B-Boy that enable them to secure a couple of two counts. Dragon hits a big dive onto Bosh on the floor as B-Boy hits a shining wizard on Lost. Fans are now starting to get expectant of yet another title switch. Lost tries to turn things round with a dive from the top rope onto Dragon on the floor, but neither team can really control things. A curb stomp from Dragon get’s blocked and soon he’s receiving his own double stomp from both Lost & Bosh for a close two count. B-Boy hits a shining wizard and a brainbuster for yet another two count. B-Boy & Dragon hit a double stomp on Bosh and then Super Dragon goes for the pyscho driver. Joey Ryan makes an appearance to break things up. Wasn’t he feuding with Lost? Lost hits Dragon with an ace crusher and a superkick for a two count and then gets the win when he makes Dragon tap to the sharpshooter as Bosh stopped B-Boy making the save. ***1/2

Afterwards Joey Ryan explains his actions saying that Super Dragon is the most selfish man in PWG and that he was getting his own back on Dragon for costing Ryan a match against Samoa Joe. He then challenged him to a 60 minute match on the next show., fans approved that one.

For the record he went onto lose 4-3 in overtime.

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