Thursday 16 February 2012

History of the PWG Tag Titles - Vol 3 Review By Shaun Nichols

Arrogance (Scott Lost & Chris Bosh) vs Aerial Express (Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver) Title vs Masks

Opening few minutes see all four guys trade holds and reversals without any team gaining any meaningful momentum, Sky uses a couple of huracanranas to get a quick couple of two counts and the first suggestion that the ref might be counting on the slow side. The Express manage to get some control of Lost using a number of kicks and a powerbomb before Lost makes his escape and tags in Bosh. Bosh gets greeted by a dropkick to the face and tags Lost back in, tide is turned when the champs resort to one of their favourite moves which is a low blow on Quicksilver and they earn a number of pinfall attempts though Quicksilver always kicks out. Lost hits his superman spear but Quicksilver smartly hits back with the silver slice and both men make the tag. Scorpio cleans house on both Bosh and Lost, until he falls victim to a gutbuster from Scott Lost.

Both teams continue to get two counts but it seems to be just a collection of moves and neither team can get the heat on any of their opponents until the challengers make their first major move. They hit Lost with a standing dropkick/powerbomb combo and then move their attention to Bosh who takes another silver slice from Quicksilver and a sunset powerbomb to the floor. Both Sky and Quicksilver do running topes to the floor but it's difficult to tell if Bosh avoided Quicksilver. Bosh hits Quicksilver with a chair to the head as he was leaning against the ringpost and that's the last we see of Quicksilver. Joey Ryan superkicks Sky moments later which leads to a face-off with the Express's manager Dean Winwood who eventually powerbombs the interfering Ryan to the fans delight but a superkick from Lost sends him packing. Champs now have a 2 on 1 advantage on Sky and mercilessly double team though Sky keeps kicking out, somewhere along the line he gets busted open as well. Scott Lost decides that he's going to get the win using the scorpion deathlock as Bosh exits the ring to celebrate, Sky reverses Lost's attempt and shockingly gets the pin with a roll up. Bosh just assumes that Lost won and continues to high five fans at ringside believing he won. Finally the truth dawns on him and he presents Scorpio Sky with his tag belt though this only leads to a three on one beatdown which left Sky bloody, unmasked but one half of the new PWG tag team champions. ***1/2

2 Skinny Black Guys (El Generico & Human Tornado) vs Arrogance for the Vacant PWG Tag Titles

Before we get the match, we witness a fan winning a pair of Chris Bosh's wrestling boots in the first ever Arrogance auction, Bosh then offers Generico and Tornado the chance to stay healthy and forfeit the match. Arrogance attack before they even get an answer before the good guys come back with stereo dropkicks, armdrags and a huracanrana. Arrogance gain control on Generico through a series of cheap shots and basic offence in which Generico sells to usual standards, Bosh throws Generico through several rows of chairs and a fan gets knocked down. Bosh tells the fan that he should know better at his age. Generico still continues to get beat up as Bosh takes a good 30 seconds to ram his head against the wall. Back in the ring and Lost misses the superman spear into the corner and goes sailing out of the ring, Tornado gets the hot tag and runs wild and an even a low blow from Lost doesn't faze him. He hits a pounce on Lost, Tornado hits a great dive onto Arrogance on the floor. Lost hits an elbow drop from the top on Tornado in which for no obvious reason uses a parasol, he then puts Generico and Tornado in the scorpion deathlock but they power out and Lost is sent crashing into his partner. Tornado hits a particularly brutal DDT on Lost for a close two count, but a brainbuster from Generico is enough to pin Lost and we have new tag team champions. ***1/2

Super Dragon & Davey Richards vs 2 Skinny Black Guys

Davey and Generico start off, Davey looks ridiculously young here I must point out. Generico uses his quickness to avoid Davey's kicks most of the time and generally gets the best of it. Davey tags out, Generico stays in and will be playing the Ricky Morton role this evening. Challengers offence is pretty basic but they do get the heat on Generico for a good few minutes, I'm beginning to think that I have very little time for Super Dragon as a wrestler. Finally Generico dropkicks Davey and can tag Tornado into the match at the 10 minute and hits the shoryuken and the pounce on Dragon, Davey mistimes a slingshot suplex on Tornado who hits harder then he should. Generico's back in and a top rope dropkick and a standing moonsault gets a two count on Davey as Dragon casually walks in and kicks Generico to break up the pin attempt. Generico throws Dragon out and hits a nice corkscrew tope for his troubles, Tornado goes for somekind of springboard move buts falls on his face. Dragon sarcastically applauds him. Tornado hits a huracnrana on Dragon that sends him to the floor and goes for a running dive to the floor. Dragon moves and Tornado badly crashes and burns. Dragon drags him to the ring and goes for a cover but lifts his head up twice. Generico hits a top turnbuckle brainbuster on Davey but Dragon makes the save, Generico hits Dragon with the running yakuza kick and sets him up on the top rope. Dragon reverses whatever was planned with a super tiger driver for the three count. There was some really scary spots in this move and I can't see why they had Tornado doing his big dive if he wasn't going to be caught. ***

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