Monday 20 February 2012

History of the PWG Tag Titles – Vol 4 Review By Shaun Nichols

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Super Dragon & Davey Richards vs Arrogance

Fans start by doing dueling chants for Dragon and Richards, Arrogance are just standing there looking like complete geeks. Davey reminds Scott Lost that he beat him on his way to winning the ECWA Super 8 tournament. Commentators note that this is Davey’s first PWG appearance since having knee surgery. Match starts with Dragon and Lost and consists basic mat wrestling and the odd kick by Dragon, Dragon hooks Lost in the STF within a few minutes though Lost escapes. Both men trade attempted sharpshooters before Lost prevails, though Davey comes to his partner aid.
Davey and Bosh trade armbars, until Davey gets the advantage and both he and Dragon abuse poor Bosh with stiff kicks, a double stomp and a senton among other things. Challengers get back into the match with a couple of low blows with Bosh going as far as to bite Dragon. Arrogance stay in control with boston crab, chinlocks etc until Dragon fakes out Scott Lost and manages to use a DDT which allows him to make the tag to Davey. Davey goes wild on both, and hits a frankly dangerous german suplex on Lost. Lost suplexes Davey out of the ring which sees both men take a spill to ringside, Davey is holding his knee and the match stops for a couple of minutes as it isn’t clear if Davey can carry on.
Finally Davey rolls into the ring but Arrogance take advantage of his injured state as Davey struggles to defend himself, Davey hits an enziguiri which allows him to tag out and he heads to the safety of the floor. Dragon comes in firing but soon finds himself on the defensive as he faces a 2 on 1 attack. Davey tags himself back in, double team by the champs and Davey’s knee is showing good signs of a miraculous recovery, Joey Ryan comes to help Arrogance by superkicking Dragon and using a tag belt on Davey, Scorpio Sky is also out there but Dragon powerbombs him into a lungblower by Davey which doesn’t help his knee at all. Bosh hits a Steiner Screwdriver on Davey and then Lost uses the sharpshooter on him for the win as Richards cannot continue. Fun match hindered by Davey’s dodgy selling but historic in PWG’s history as The Dynasty was formed. ***1/2

Arrogance vs Super Dragon & B-Boy

B-Boy is a late replacement for Davey who couldn’t make the show. Dragon dominates the early exchanges with Scott Lost, Chris Bosh doesn’t fare any better and soon finds himself in the tree of woe. Bosh desperately tries to tag out and is crawling to his corner, B-Boy crawls with him in a fine example of mocking before continuing the beatdown. Dragon puts Bosh in the STF, Bosh escapes and hits a backbreaker on Dragon to make the tag to Lost. Lost with a camel clutch on Dragon, B-Boy gets met with a low blow for his troubles and then met with a running knee by Lost. Super Dragon tags in dropkick senton on both members of Arrogance, Lost goes for a superman spear but somehow gets hit by a footstomp by Dragon coming off the top. Bosh hits a sunset powerbomb on B-Boy to the floor, B-Boy back in the ring but is put into a sharpshooter by Lost.
Chris Bosh hits something like a swinging DDT on B-Boy from the top rope to the apron, he lands basically on the shoulder. Super Dragon hits Bosh with a somersault plancha to the floor and then takes him up to the top rope and nails Bosh with a butterfly suplex. Bosh’s abuse doesn’t end there he is hammered by double stomps from both his opponents. Bosh is basically a non-factor, Dragon hits the Barry White driver on Lost, B-Boy uses a shining wizard on Scott Lost and this enables Dragon to make the cover for the pinfall. This did not get past average fare. **3/4

Arrogance vs. Davey Richards & Super Dragon

Davey is going for revenge against Super Dragon here, Davey won the 2006 Battle of Los Angeles and as a result he got himself and Dragon a tag title match against Arrogance. However he couldn’t make the show so instead of re-scheduling the match, Dragon chose a new partner and won the belts which left Davey out in the cold. This was his opportunity to get his justice.
Fans were split on this issue, I thought this this would be pretty heated as they had a story to tell but it didn’t turn out to be so. This was actually before Davey and Roderick’s run as the No Remorse Corps in ROH, Excalibur had a great line comparing them to the British Bulldogs but saying that Roderick may be more intelligent than Davey Boy Smith. The majority of the match saw Dragon and B-Boy get the heat on Davey with good standard tag team wrestling leaving Strong on the outside waiting patiently for the tag. When Strong did get the tag he certainly made the most of it and it did take the match up a notch, Davey also got his revenge when he was the one to pin Dragon after using the shooting star press to earn the pinfall. Match did drag on a bit in the middle but greatly improved in the closing stretch. ***1/4

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