Friday 24 February 2012

PWG History of The Tag Team Titles Vol 5 - Review by Shaun Nichols

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Davey Richards & Roderick Strong vs Super Dragon & B-Boy vs Kings of Wrestling vs Motor City Machine Guns

You get the impression that Dragon means business, he turns up with a chainsaw of all things. Match starts with various basic match ups, among them is Shelley vs Hero and Sabin vs Dragon but no team really gets an advantage. Kings of Wrestling finally get an opportunity to double team Alex Shelley using chops and uppercuts and Super Dragon is also happy to work over Shelley. Shelley escapes and we get a spot where each man enters the ring to apply a submission move on the previous man. The Guns use their quickness to get the advantage on KOW, Sabin with a Texas Cloverleaf on Hero but as this isn’t an elimination match B-Boy makes the save for him. Richards & Strong batter Sabin with chops and Strong hits him with a delayed suplex. Shelley helps out with a lionsault on Davey, Dragon with a double stomp on Richards for a 2 count. Claudio ups the ante with a delayed suplex on Richards where the fans actually count all the way to 100.

As the match heads towards the finish, Shelley hits Strong with a DDT, Strong hits back with a lungblower on Sabin but eats a curb stomp from Super Dragon. Claudio uses uppercuts on both of the Guns but they hit back with stereo dropkicks and then with top rope dives on both Castognoli and Hero. Back in the ring B-Boy connects with a shining wizard on Shelley, Davey attempts a shooting star press but gets caught with an ace crusher by B-Boy. Psycho Driver from Dragon on Richards and the champions reign comes to an end in 24 hours, this would have been better as an elimination match in my view. ***3/4

Super Dragon & B-Boy vs Cape Fear (El Generico & Quicksilver)

Super Dragon dominates the early minutes against Quicksilver, B-Boy tags in but gets caught with a headscissors and Generico enters the fray. Generico with a plancha onto Dragon, Dragon back in the ring hits a stiff clothesline on Quicksilver. B-Boy ties him into the ropes and hits a nice running dropkick, Dragon tags in and the champions continue to work over Quicksilver.

Finally much to my relief Generico gets a tag and uses elbow strikes, a leg lariat and a tornado DDT on B-Boy followed by a great twisting dive on Dragon on the floor. He follows this by hitting a second tornado DDT this time on Dragon using a wall for assistance. Split legged moonsault on B-Boy by Generico but Dragon hits back with a Tiger Suplex. Champions get 2 counts through a shining wizard from B-Boy plus a tombstone by Dragon on Quicksilver which is quickly followed by a double stomp. Generico with a yakuza kick and a brainbuster on B-Boy for a close 2 count, Dragon with a Psycho Driver on Quicksilver for another 2 count. Generico tags in hits 2 yakuza kicks, a Tiger Suplex and a top rope brainbuster on Dragon for the three count. This match was actually very average though Generico lifts the quality considerably when he’s involved. **3/4

PAC & Roderick Strong vs Briscoe Brothers

Jay welcomes PAC to the finals of the DDT4 tournament with a big lariat, match settles down when Briscoes get the advantage on Roderick for a minute or two though Jay finds himself in the wrong part of town. PAC hits a standing skytwister press on Jay, Roderick gets to chop the hell out of Jay before being caught with a neckbreaker. Mark tags in and shows off his kung fu chops before PAC catches him with a Tiger Suplex, 450 splash by PAC for a 2 count.

Mark responds with a buckle bomb, Briscoes use the Doomsday Device on PAC for another 2 count, match starts to slow down. PAC manages to hit a DDT on Jay and makes the tag, Strong runs wild on Mark until they the Briscoes use a flatliner bulldog. Big legdrop by Jay, Roderick responds with a backdrop driver, PAC with a phoenix splash and a reverse huracanrana. Strong with a sick kick on Mark and everyone is down in the ring. PAC with a shooting star press on Jay for a 2 count, Jay uses a death valley driver on Roderick, Mark goes for his own SSP buts hits Strong’s knees. PAC with a ridiculous 720 splash for another 2 count, hits Jay with a twisting somersaulton Jay to the outside. Strong forces Mark to tap out to the Strong Hold for the win, great match. ****1/4

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