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PWG History of the Tag Titles Vol. 1 (DVD Review By Shaun Nichols)

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PWG History of the Tag Titles Vol. 1 (January – April 2004)

In the next few weeks I’ll be reviewing all 8 volumes which cover every tag title in PWG’s history from the crowning of the first tag team champions to the most recent title change which happened in December 2011. I am a big fan of PWG especially over the last couple of years but I haven’t seen much beyond that so I’ll be interested to see what the first few discs bring. And with that in mind off we go……….

Homicide & B-Boy vs American Dragon & Super Dragon

This is the final of the tag team tournament known as the ‘Tango & Cash Invitational’ to crown the inaugaral tag team champions. The fans were surprisingly quiet going into this which surprised me. The match started with Super Dragon trading reversals with both Homicide & B-Boy as Danielson stood watching. Danielson teaming with SD seems quite the strange team, when he finally tags in he fakes a lock up a couple of times and then tags Super Dragon back in, he’s in fully comedy mode here. Moments later he does start to take this a bit more seriously when he outwrestles and starts to stretch B-Boy but the fans still aren’t reacting to this. Match does start to pick up when Super Dragon throws Homicide into several rows of chairs, fortunately nobody was sitting there and then a number of fans started to pick them back up ignoring what was happening in the ring. B-Boy does a get a hot tag but it doesn’t last long enough and it’s a case hits one big move and then it’s over to the other team. Danielson hits a big dive onto B-Boy on the floor but gets hit by a shining wizard seconds later by B-Boy and that’s the last we see of Danielson. Back in the ring Super Dragon gets nailed by a Copkilla by Homicide for the three count. Strongstyle Thugs are your first PWG tag champs, sadly no-one particularly cared **3/4

X-Foundation (Joey Ryan & Scott Last) vs Homicide & B-Boy

Joey & Scott are the babyfaces and are managed by So Cal Val, it’s very interesting to see the character of Ryan back in 2004 compared to his ‘sleazy’ character in the last three years or so. This is the first title defence for Homicide & B-Boy, first half of the match is frankly not that great. The champs do get to enjoy a fair bit of control, using lots of submissions and quick tags to get the heat on Joey Ryan. This works quite well because Scott Lost has a flashier offence which works best when he gets the hot tag. Homicide takes over and hooks on a STF on Lost but fortunately for the challengers he makes the ropes. B-Boy gets hit with the Extinction Agenda which makes some fans think were getting a 3 count, well not yet. Homicide somehow dragon legsrews Lost over the top rope, the champs hit Ryan with the Steiner Bulldog but Lost breaks up the pinfall attempt. He also blocks an attempted Copkilla, B-Boy charges Joey Ryan but gets caught with a very nice small package for the title switch. Last few minutes were very good but it did take a long time to get there. ***1/4

Christopher Bosh & Quiksilver vs X-Foundation

Can the new champs make it past their first title defence? The challengers attack before the bell and use a spinebuster and the Hart Attack clothesline to get a quick couple of 2 counts, the challengers dominate Ryan for the first few minutes but he finally hits a jawbreaker to give him the chance to tag out. Scott Lost has unfortunately been knocked off the apron so Ryan’s forced to stay in. Ryan hits a pretty sweet superkick to finally make the tag, and Lost hits Bosh with a clothesline and a huracanrana for a couple of 2 counts. Bosh responds with a low blow and a single crab but Ryan makes the save. Champs seem in total control, but Lost misses a superman spear and then seconds later accidently superkicks Ryan which leads to a Bosh pinfall. This was a much quicker paced match than the first two but only lasted 8 minutes, the bigger story was Ryan walking out on his partner afterwards. **1/2

Super Dragon & Excalibur vs Christopher Bosh & Quiksilver

The early exchanges are between Dragon and Quiiksilver, Dragon dominates these but Quiksilver manages to avoid the major offensive moves included the dreaded curb stomp. They tag in their respective partners but the challengers still manage to control the vast majority of the early stages including Dragon finally hitting a double stomp on the unlucky Quiksilver. Quiksilver is forced to take a number of stiff kicks, submission attempts but hits an Ace Crusher to make the tag to Bosh. Champs decide the best way forward is to cheat through distractions and this allows Quiksilver to hit his own double stomp on Excalibur. In the few minutes, both teams enjoy periods of control in which they earn two counts but can’t get the all important three count. The challengers hit a top rope elbow/senton combination but they still can’t put away the champions. As we approach the last couple of minutes it seems destined that we will see yet another change of the guard. Excalibur hits a Tiger Driver for a very close 2 count, before Quiksilver finally succumbs to a double stomp and a psycho driver from Dragon. ***3/4

Also on the matches apart from the first match, you have the option to either listen to the standard crowd audio or the alternative commentary track which I would recommend. Listening to Excalibur commentating on his own tag title victory is particularly entertaining.

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