Friday 15 July 2011

What happened to Gimmicks? By AH Walker

I first started watching wrestling in 2001 mainly because of The Rock but for the longest of times I was enthralled by Kane. The reason why? Not because of the fantastic wrestling ability that he showed (sarcasm). And it was not because of his excellence on the microphone (more sarcasm). It was because whenever I saw him I was interested to see him as he didn’t look like a human and he made me take notice (It would have done the same thing to you if you were 8 years old). And when I became smart to wrestling I looked over wrestling from the 90s and I was enthralled with wrestlers such as The Undertaker.
But we fast forward to 2011 and gimmicks are all but extinct. Undertaker who may still have his gimmick but he makes less than ten TV appearances a year so we can’t include him. Kane has been ‘de-monstered’ (I know that isn’t a word sue me) to the point where he cries when his dad (Paul Bearer for you idiots) and tag team partner (the Big Show for you people that have been skipping Raw, to be honest I don’t blame you) get abducted and hit by a car respectively. And the closet thing we have to a gimmick is Cody Rhodes.
So I ask you loyal reader. Do you think that there should be more gimmicks in the WWE? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @AH_Walker or just hit up Stu… until next time… Take care…Shave your hair…

What? Did I say something wrong?

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