Sunday 3 July 2011

Ultimate Warrior - Karma Collects (Full Version) Shaun Nichols Gives His Views

This is the Warrior's full sixty minute rant against Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan), watching this it's difficult to know if the Warrior is talking directly to the viewer or Hogan or indeed either or both at the same time. The full thing is conveniently split into 9 different sections each lasting between 2 and 8 minutes long. And to a certain degree reminded me of the videos that serial killers tape before they go out to execute their plans. He's set in what looks like his basement talking directly to the camera.
I'm sure a lot of people have seen the several minute trailer in which basically covers his main talking points. The Warrior starts by saying that he's grown up and he is no longer immature like he was in his WWF heyday but Hogan as yet to grow up and that he's still a fool doing idiotic things. He then talks about some of Hogan's 'dirty laundry' such as Hogan smoking pot everyday to the point where he might rival Rob Van Dam in his use. Warrior also claims that Hogan used a lot of cocaine and something that he called re-juvination juice which he got a lot of WCW wrestlers onto and apparently caused Kevin Sullivan to overdose.
He also brings up Hogan's hair extentions, well he was really going out on a limb there. More thoughtful was his comments on how Hogan behaved concerning his comments about Randy Savage, especially concerning how he was burying him on a recent interview saying he was a hermit but at the same time saying that he was pleased that he had reconnected with Savage. Warrior says that Savage had invited Hogan to a BBQ but Hogan had declined thinking it was beneath him. Also one of the main reasons that Savage moved away from the spotlight was that he was caring for his father Angelo who was in very poor health which was true.
Warrior also states that basically both Hogan and his wife Linda both slept around and that Hogan had even offered Warrior a chance to sleep with Linda which is something that Warrior said he declined. Warrior alsio said that it's that perverse attitude which leads Hogan to ripping on Savage for being so protective of Elizabeth in the locker room. Saying that the boys at the time were all adulters and sexual perverts and Savage was only doing what any right thinking husband would do. Let's be clear, Savage was extremely possesive of Elizabeth and was constantly paranoid of what she was doing while he was on the road even to the point of checking the miles clock on her car and buying her TV meals for one so she didn't have to go out.
Warrior thinks that Hogan and Linda caused the break up of Randy's marriage but if I was that paranoid about my relationship with my wife, I'm sure lots of her friends would be telling her that she needs to break away so I don't see this as a major criticism of Hogan. Warrior rips on Hogan's parenting skills saying that he was only concerned with his career and that he should have instilled a work ethic into Brooke especially and by taking shortcuts that's why Brooke's career died. Surely as a parent if you can help your child be successful then you would, hence the well known saying 'it's not what you know, but who you know'.
He also talks about the Summerslam 1991 PPV event but still can't bring himself to admit that he held up Vince for money before agreeing to go out for the main event. And the subsequent court case of 2008 that the Warrior bought and how cowardly Hogan was by saying that he couldn't remember clearly what happened before the event.
Hogan is an easy target, by living his gimmick and telling just ridiculous stories that are very easy to prove that they aren't true. It's not difficult for Warrior to pick at Hogan and call him out at things but you have to wonder what the point of this is. His main point is that someone needs to call out Hogan for all the things that he's done, he also drops Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger names as other people that are destroying society. But why do they? Hogan's biggest fans will see this as a sign that Warrior is just a bitter old man who resents the fact that he wasn't able to extend his career past the glory days which ended 20 years ago. Other fans will be aware that a lot of the time Hogan is full of shit and basically you should just assume he's lying unless you can prove otherwise.
A lot of Warrior's points are repeated over and over again and frankly 60 minutes is a long time to watch someone rip on somebody else. For those wrestling fans that want to see Hulk Hogan get buried for an hour you'll no doubt enjoy it but everyone else should stick to see the trailer that the Warrior released first. Better yet if you want to see a wrestling personality verbally destroy another then stick to Jim Cornette ripping on Vince Russo it's far more entertaining.

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