Sunday 17 July 2011

Money in The Bank 2011 Preview with Rik Moran

WWE's Money in the Bank is now less than 24 hours away,
I'm going to go ahead and make my predictions for what's going to go down.
In my view Money in the Bank has been the best built Pay Per View of the year,
and of recent memory.
I can't remember the last PPV to have a build up like this.

Perhaps the most thought provoking main event of the year, maybe even since the
attitude era itself.

The buzz created ever since Punk's historic worked shoot promo has been nothing
short of unbelievable.
I couldn't believe how my facebook and twitter feeds lit up right after it went
There were theories flying out left right and centre, is Punk staying, leaving,
winning the title, being squashed by Cena, myself I cannot wait for this.

I think that CM Punk is going to win and then he's going to be cashed in on by
the Raw MITB winner.

Result - CM Punk wins, only to lose the title to the MITB winner.

Raw MITB match.

I know it, you know it, it's going to be Del Rio. And he's walking out as the
WWE Champion after cashing in on Punk.

Smackdown MITB match.

I'm torn on this on, I think it'll either be Sheamus or Sin Cara. Why? Well in
my view Sin Cara hasn't recieved the push I thought he would on joining the WWE, perhaps winning this match will be the start of that.
As for Seamus, I just like him and feel he needs to get back on track and go
after some gold again.

Roll on Sunday night already.

I know I've missed off the other matches but if you're like me, you'll probably
guess, quite correctly, how they will go. WWE has become predictable recently. I hope this PPV may be the start of some unpredicatability.


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