Saturday 16 July 2011

HBK & 1PW - Rik Moran Discusses

Note from Stu: Rik did this article a week ago or so but there was a bit of an issue with the content and he was advised to get it changed so here is the article again with stuff removed and new stuff added what he has learned since the original article.

Hi Everyone,

Lots going on over on Facebook and Twitter since the 8th of July about Shawn Michaels UK Visit in October so I thought I'd give my thoughts and opinions.

On the morning of July 8th 1PW, posted on their Facebook/Twitter: "We're planning to post a formal statement imminently about HBK"

The statement arrived shortly after: "Despite the many inaccurate reports surfacing on the internet, negotiations between 1PW and Shawn Michaels are currently ongoing. At this stage, as far as 1PW is concerned, a contract is in place and HBK will be coming to the UK as agreed."
Now, whilst this would seem to say that the visit is still on, 1PW has done nothing to calm peoples fears that they have lost their money on tickets for the event, when they haven't received them or are getting any communication from the company about what is going on. A generic message to everyone on the companies Facebook/twitter is not good enough in my view.
The fact that the company owner manager, has gone and deleted most of the people he had on his personal facebook page, so that he can't be got hold of, isn't the best move. Especially at the given time. He could say it's his personally page and company stuff is to be done via the company page.
But the timing of this mass deletion of people, could not be worse.
This gives people the impression that they are being conned and it gives
the events an uncertainty about them.

The uncertainty is not helped when a few hours after the 1PW post. There was an email apparently from Shawn's agent is posted on 1PW's wall saying that it was off.
Now anyone could have posted this. Oh the joys of facebook. So I contacted Shawn Michaels himself via twitter and Luke Munson (Shawn's agent) via email
to see if this email was genuine.

Shawn must have got a lot of similar messages as he posted:

"Gettin a lot of question re .the 1PW stuff. I've been told nothing different yet.I will make a call 2day to try & find out."

Followed 5 minutes later with

"Right now, I truthfully know what u know. Less actually. I thought it was still on. I get net news on me from u. I'm on it tho."

The next Day Shawn posted "I'll let u know when I know something. I'm ready. They have answered no e-malis or calls from my people."

I have been in touch with Shawn's agent myself several times over the last few weeks

Now he didn't confirm or deny if the earlier post from him on Facebook was genuine or not but his message does say that the agreement with 1PW is still there.
so to me that looks like Shawn is still coming to the UK in October.

I think all this confusion could have been easily avoided, if 1PW were better at communication especially with their fans.
After all it's the fans that keep the industry going by paying out for all the tickets.
1PW does not have a great track record or reputation when it comes to big name appearances. Their poor communication with people does nothing
to help themselves.

Now if I come up to the 10th of October. 1PW again open a hornets nest on Facebook, saying that if they don't post it, ignore it.
They also say that they have actually issued a lot of refunds, and have also not cashed any new cheques sent to them,
and will not until everything is fully resolved.

Shawn also said "I know there's some rumors right now about the UK trip. As far as I know, it's still a go. My people are speaking with 1PW tomorrow.
Now, if anything changes u will be the 1st to know"

There's also the problem with the venue of The Dome, who are saying that the event is cancelled and are issuing refunds on all the tickets that they sold themselves.
1PW are still saying it's going ahead. Again I think some communication needs to be done stat and sort out the venue or there will be a lot of people turning up on the day,
perhaps even Shawn Michaels himself and the venue won't be available!

I can honestly say that I feel I could run a better event if I had the capitol to do so, I only hope that this fiasco doesn't put Shawn Michaels or any other foreign talent off of working with UK promotors.
Because there are a number of good ones out there.

I will be keeping an eye on what happens come October with great interest.


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