Sunday 10 July 2011

Does ROH Have What It Takes?

I like all ROH fans am loving the fact ROH has a big time owner now so it can secure the companies future and as the new owner is the Sinclair Broadcast Group, the product will now get to be seen in more markets in the US and for the rest of the world, the new TV show that starts in September will be available to watch on the ROH website to watch which pleases us here in the UK although a TV deal of some sort would be better. Anyway, the subject of the article is does ROH have what it takes? I ask this because, ROH over the years has lost some top, top workers such as AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Low-Ki, Christopher Daniels who left then came back from TNA only to then worlk for both companies but now it seems has committed himself to TNA again, Nigel McGuinness, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Tyler Black and Homicide, now he actually returned to the company after his TNA stint but once again has left ROH to join the new Urban Wrestling Federation which has left a lot of people scratching their heads as ROH have this new TV deal coming up. At the recent iPPV Best in The World 2011, Homicide faced former ECW, WWE & TNA wrestler Rhyno in his debut and it was known before the show, Homicide was leaving but he still got the win which I did not see coming but yet, ROH had the last say in that matter as Rhyno 'gored' Homicide through a table in the corner of the ring after the match.

What has me and maybe others worrying to an extent is ROH have these new owners, they have this TV deal starting in September but do they have the quality roster to really challenge IMPACT Wrestling as the number 2 promotion in the US? We know they won't get near the WWE as much as I'd like them too so IW is the next one to aim for but my fear is the roster. I have listed some workers they have lost over the years and now the rumor mill is saying the Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castignoli) are being sized up by WWE for a move to their company. ROH has a team that is called the World's Greatest Tag Team and this is of course Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas who I hear have actually signed a contract now with ROH, but for me, the KOW are the best tag team for me in pro wrestling. I got to see them live myself at the Pro Wrestling NOAH show in May and just as I have been with watching them on DVD was amazed with the two guys as a team. If the KOW are prized away from ROH then I really don't know where the company will be because the roster is full of young guys who try their hardest to put on great shows but that won't be enough. ROH have as world champion Davey Richards, who is not the biggest guy but ROH don't worry about that when you look at past ROH champions (James 'Jamie Noble' Gibson & Austin Aries come to mind) but Richards now has the moniker of the 'best in the world' which he basically inherited from Bryan Danielson when he left to go to the WWE to become Daniel Bryan and Richards who has a stigma from some quarters as not being the best seller of moves in matches really is, for me an awesome worker and deserves his best in the world label.

I hope, I really hope for selfish reasons the KOW stay with ROH and they can attract some other top wrestling talent from elsewhere because, ROH is my favorite promotion and I want them as I always have, to succeed and prosper to bigger and better things.

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  1. I think everyone hopes KOW stay because they really have been the foundations that ROH have been built on for the last year. Easily the best tag team in the world. If they get the offer though I'd expect them to go, it's just the nature of the WWE beast. Although I don't think either of them should have to go to FCW - they're good enough to walk right onto Smackdown (the wrestling show) and really make a name and a big impression.

    As for the ROH roster. It's certainly a work in progress but that's a good thing. Always having new names and new stars being created. Look at Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly - two guys no one had heard of a year ago in ROH, now really getting over with the fans and putting on great matches. They only thing they are missing is someone to talk for them. With 2 heel managers in ROH it would be great to have a babyface one for guys like O'Reilly and Cole.

    I also look at guys like ANX, even Eddie Edwards to some extent, plus Elgin, Ciampo and Bennett as the next generation of great ROH talent.

    Eddie and ANX obviously miles ahead of the others, but they are still relatively 'new' as main event guys in a lot of fan's eyes.

    Don't forget about Kevin Steen - I think he's going to play a massive role in ROH as they move forward.

    I think the company needs to build the singles division around Richards and Edwards. With the tag division built around WGTT and The Briscoes.

    That's a solid base and with the new TV show coming and ROH knowing how to book guys and build them up, I think we'll see more great and potentially great ROH guys coming to the fore.

    I don't worry about TNA because they can have 50 guys on their roster and still give Hogan and EB over 40 mins of TV time every week.

    ROH is entering a whole new era and one of the great things about that is in a couple of years time there will be new guys on the roster to replace those who go.

    ROH constantly moves forward and is always creating new stars. Something TNA and WWE simply can't do - it's why the poach the best ROH talent.

    I have faith that as the new TV show kicks in and ROH keep building on what's made them so great - matches, slow burning angles, making wins and losses matter, not insulting fans intelligence - things will work out really well.

    There's always some nervousness with something new but it's that same nervousness and sense of 'what's going to happen' that makes following this company so much damn fun!!


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  2. Thanks for the comments bro but just in naming these three Elgin, Ciampo and Bennett I think says it all, as good as they are, not only I ask has the current ROH live crowd taken to them, will any future fans?

  3. I think given time they will with Elgin and Bennett for sure. Not sure on Ciampo - but The Embassy as a whole for me isn't getting over.

    Elgin though has a ton of potential and this weekend he was working in higher profile matches. Haven't read the show reports yet to see how he did. I think with his power they can really make him stand out. Plus when he eventually turns face, powerbombs the hell out of Truth and then feuds with Roddy, we could see some great brawls like Strong/Stevens from a few years back.

    If it were me, I'd be booking Bennett as a wanna be WWE superstar. Have him cut promos about how he's a 'superstar' not a 'wrestler,' give him moves from guys like Cena or Orton to use in his matches. The whole 9 yards. He looks like a prototype WWE guys, they should capitalise on that. The heat he'd get would be incredible. Although they'd need to balance that with not putting WWE over too much.

    I think with time and correct booking they can both get over. Put it this way, I have more faith in ROH doing something with them than either WWE and especially TNA!



  4. The KOW are great, but I wouldn't say that they're "easily the best tag team in the world". The Briscoes have been in ROH forever, and while they may not be as well spoken as Chris Hero, they never fail to deliver in a match, and their promos generally get over their characters; they are 2 bad ass country boys that are coming to smash you. I think that losing the Briscoes would be the beginning of the end for ROH.