Saturday 16 July 2011

My First Show At Fight Club Pro on July 15th 2011

Any of my twitter followers or my friends on facebook will know yesterday I went to Wolverhampton to Fight Club Pro's Fight For Honour show, it was only a 4 match card but the show which was supposed to start at 20:30 but ended up starting at 20:45. The first match was a superb match, I mean it really was one of the best matches I have seen this year and for a ROH fan that is saying something. The match featured local wrestler MK McKinnan against US indy wrestler Jonathan Gresham and Big Japan Pro Wrestling's Shinya Ishikawa. I am not one for doing match reviews spot for spot suffice to say, I thought this match was amazing, I was impressed with all 3 guys especially McKinnan & Gresham and what the latter lacks in size he more than makes up for in talent. McKinnan got the win in this tremendous match.

After the first intermission which was supposed to be 10 minutes but was 20 or more we then had a tag team match featuring out and out baby faces The Hunter Brothers square off against The Red & Greens Dragons, 2 guys basically wearing masks like former PWG worker Super Dragon. This match was OK but nothing more, one of the Hunter brothers has a good luck about him but overall, the match wasn't much to write home about, all the guys worked hard though. Another 10 minute intermission - Somewhere around this time we had Trent Seven come out to the ring and call out his opponent for the night Davey Richards, the short of it was Seven saying it hadn't be decided what title would be on the line in the match either his FCP title or Davey's ROH one.
They did a coin flip and it turned out it would be the ROH title on the line.

Below: The promo Davey cut on Trent Seven after the coin flip to see if the ROH or FCP title would be on the line in the main event.

Match number 3 was a six man tag which if nothing else was entertaining for comedic purposes thanks to the crowd it had Clint Margera, "The Dragon" Zak Martinez & Blue Dragon vs. Dan Ryder, Bobby Barratt & Dave Williams. Again, the Dragons wore variations of Super Dragon masks. The younger of the two, Blue Dragon seemed Very young, I said to Kyle Beech who was there with me "he's doing a Steve Corino, wrestling under a mask because he is too young to compete". The match was a so-so match, I was more entertained by the crowd and how they were ripping on the heels Ryder, Barratt & Williams, Barratt was getting 'purple twat' chants as his trunks were purple, Ryder was getting 'cock rider' chants and Williams was getting 'Uncle fester' chants. I felt for the ref who was getting 'The ref's a jew' & 'strictly kosher' chants, that was a bit uncalled for in my opinion. Blue Dragon worked a decent match and he'll go onto be a very good worker I think. Margera has a certain something about him, the crowd seemed to love the guy.

This was followed by the last break before the main event. And then, it was about to go off, as FCP Champion Trent Seven was to challenge for the ROH world title against the best wrestler in the world - Davey Richards. For me, time was getting on and I knew I would have to leave very soon to get home on my last train but I did get to film Davey's intro before leaving.

Below: This is the ring intro of Davey, the last thing I got to see before I had to leave.

I am so gutted I had to miss the match as that was the whole reason I went to the show but hey, one of them things, hopefully there will be another time.

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