Monday 11 July 2011

IMPACT Wrestling Destination X - My Thoughts

So I have given it a day to think about what I am going to write about IMPACT Wrestling's Destination X PPV. First off, I was looking forward to the show, people were saying there wasn't much build up for the matches, no storylines etc. But I always say, as long as the matches are good, that's what I'd care for. I'm not going to do a move for move report because I suck at things like that but I'll just give some thoughts on the matches.

Samoa Joe vs. Kaz - I thought Joe would win and I wanted him to, I wrote on twitter as I was watching it, someone the day before had said "Samoa Joe doesn't care anymore, you can see it when he wrestles" well, I totally disagree with this after watching the match. Joe was very impressive, I am not too big on Kaz to be honest. The finish was a bit hokey but it was what it was. I really don't know what is happening with Joe, no surprise coming from me but I wish he would go back to ROH.

Douglas Williams vs. Mark Haskins - It was built as a mystery opponent for Williams, out came Haskins who is a good little worker from the UK but this was a bad way to bring him into IW. As Borash said on commentary, he did well in matches on the TNA tour in the UK so now has his chance. He did OK but he slipped off the ropes a couple of times. I felt for him to be honest, especially when he was getting "who are you chants". Many thought whoever it was going to be facing Williams was going to win but I think once Haskins came out we knew it was a win for Williams.

Gen Me vs. Eric Young & Shark Boy - This was a bonus match, earlier on it showed the wacky Young going round looking for a partner, Shark Boy put himself forward doing his Austin gimmick. I just thought this was a piss break match but I actually watched it. Eric Young, even though the character is wacky isn't a bad little worker to be fair and they got the win over Gen Me which turned out to be Gen Me's final IW match as they asked for their release afterwards and got it

Ultimate X Match For Number 1 Contenders Spot For the XD Title- Shannon Moore vs. Robbie E. vs. Amazing Red vs. Alex Shelley - There were two 4 way matches on the PPV and I didn't think this would be the better one and it wasn't. It was an OK match but really, I didn't think much of any of the workers in this match before it took place and after watching it I realized why. Most I know of especially in my WLH PPV Prediction League picked Shelley to win and he did. Not a great match to be honest, just OK.

Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn - More than 10 years since these guys were really tearing it up in ECW and they were actually supposed to be wrestling each other at last years Hardcore Justice PPV but Lynn was injured. Anyway, these guys are knocking on in age now especially Lynn so I was a bit worried for them before the match to be truthful but these two proved that when you've got it you've got it. They put on a very good match, it may not of been MOTN in most people's books but I think for me it was. Really enjoyed the match.

Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion vs. Low-Ki vs. Jack Evans For An IMPACT Wrestling Contract - This match we knew it would be amazing and it was just that. We all know as a former ROH world champion Aries was the real deal, my pick for the match was Low-Ki just for the fact he was back there after leaving in the past, Jack Evans as Ki said in an interview on the Monday before the PPV - is just a dancer, he has some flashy moves that look impressive but that's all he has, really flippy floppy and his ring attire is awful. Ion who is North East indy wrestler Shiima Xion is a good wrestler. The match was very good but it was what I thought it would be. Aries got the win and the IW contract, So-Cal Val hands Aries the contract and he says that he's the greatest man that ever lived - Loved that part. Wouldn't surprise me if they keep all the guys anyway.

X Division Champion Abyss vs. Brian Kendrick - My good friends on the TWS show said the fact Kendrick got battered by Abyss on IMPACT on the previous Thursday why would they want to see him on the PPV against Abyss, I said in the the TWS chatroom that that's the point, that's how it works, the champion will beat down the challenger on TV and then against all odds, excuse the pun, the challenger will win the strap on the PPV and after Bischoff got knocked on his ass by Kendrick there was a run in by Abyss' cronies Steiner, Bully Ray & Gunner, the X Division guys made the save which then led to Kendrick getting the pinfall and winning the X Division title.

Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles - This was the main event, and it was a good match, but not their best. Both guys are great workers and no one can say any different, the was the dual chanting going on which funnily enough, the first time I heard was during a match between these two at the International Showdown show here in the UK some years ago. I'll be honest with you, I don't know if it was because it was the final match and people were burnt out but the crowd went dead for parts of this match, really didn't have the main event feel which is a shame because the guys were picked to headline as it's what the fans wanted - and X Division based PPV and we got it. Good match overall, third best match on the card for me behind RVD/Lynn and the second 4-way match.

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