Monday 4 July 2011

Do You Need To Know The Wrestler To Like Their Matches?

I was listening to a podcast today, who won't get any publicity here so many will know who I mean but anyway, the discussion of ROH came up and as they are not avid fans because there is not a TV deal here in the UK (or anywhere for now) and the product is not readily available to the masses (like WWE & TNA which are available on TV here via cable or satellite) but although the matches are good, because we don't know the characters and the story behind them it's hard to get into the product, sorry, complete garbage!

The example I am going to use won't even be an American company, hell won't even include an American wrestler. Anyone who follows me on twitter will know the other day I posted a Youtube link to a match from New Japan Pro Wrestling and it was 'Prince' Fergal Devitt vs. Kota Ibushi. This match took place on June 18th and it was Devitt's IWGP Jr. title that was on the line. Now, my whole point is, these guys don't really have larger than life characters and I don't understand the Japanese language so the commentators can't put the matches over to me but what took place in the ring is what hooked me in, this match, this WRESTLING match was off the charts and it was just awesome. I just can not agree with the idiots saying "because we don't know the characters we can't get into the product".

I am sure there will be people reading this who will be thinking that's the whole point of wrestling, the drama' the spectacle, oh this persons partner turned on them, this guys girlfriend cheated on them with another wrestler so these type of things add to the matches. But again, to sound like a broken record, no you don't need all that jive to have a great or even good wrestling match and Devitt vs. Ibushi proves that.

Below is the match in full from Youtube, sorry if you're reading from the WLH app ( because YT videos won't play via the app.

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