Tuesday 11 September 2012

Thoughts on Wrestle Talk TV With Shaun Nichols

Looking for something to watch last night, I came across Wrestle Talk TV on Challenge which Stuart had hyped last month. So I thought I would give it a look and share my views on it.

It's hosted by Joel Ross with regular guests Patrick Lennon (also Executive Producer) and Francesca Wood. They start by giving their thoughts on some of the bigger talking points. This week they briefly discussed Dolph Ziggler, FCW wrestlers being used on NXT and Raw going to 3 hours. In honour of the great Daniel Bryan they had to say 'Yes, Yes, Yes' if they are in favour or 'No, No, No' if they were not.

Both Patrick & Francesca liked Dolph but never mentioned that he's recently reduced the insane bumps he takes, apart from those at the MITB PPV, though they agreed he takes great bumps. Not the best for a long career though and also that he could do with being booked more strongly, he loses far too often and they ignored that point a well.

They were also in favour of FCW wrestlers appearing on NXT though both warned the danger of over-exposure so it doesn't get old too fast which is a good point. I'd have liked them to name drop a few of the wrestlers that we will be seeing like Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero), Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley) and Seth Rollins (Tyler Black) because I'm not sure everyone who watches this will be aware that those guys are in FCW and so will be appearing on NXT at some point.

Finally they both said that Raw was definitely too long, again you can't realistically disagree. I would have liked them to have briefly expanded their thoughts on Dolph in particularly but it's a fast moving show.

We got some news read by a girl standing awkwardly in front of the camera reading from an autocue. Apart from giving her TV time not sure why Joel couldn't have read it himself. Anyway the news included Steve Austin not exactly singing Sheamus' praises and Ric Flair's daughter going to developmental under the name Charlotte (after the city where she grew up).

Special guest time, our guest this week in Katarina Waters best known as Nikita in the FWA, Katie Lea Burchill in the WWE and most recently Winter in TNA. She came across pretty well though she didn't say anything particularly interesting or anything that you wouldn't expect. She's enjoyed her time in both WWE and TNA and like many have said before her that she found TNA to be a more relaxed environment.

Patrick seemed very smitten with her and called her trailblazer going from the UK to working in both WWE & TNA which I suppose she is. They did a word association with her in which she said lots of nice of things including comments about Angelina Love and Alex Shane. There could be lots of nice words about Alex Shane from guests as he devised the concept and also is an Executive Producer. Katarina finally plugged her 'Siren Search' which is about finding new female wrestling talent.

They showed clips of the first Wretle Talk roadshow featuring Bobby Roode meeting a superfan. Bobby asked the fan (who was male) what his hotel number was when he stayed in London. Fan not only knew this but also the room number when Bobby stayed at a hotel in Nottingham, Bobby freaked out and left. Fan was left feeling sad. They also showed dart player Paul Nicholson, who they described as the next World Champion. Nicholson wishes.

A clip of Patrick Lennon meeting Chris Jericho, Jericho shook his hand saying he didn't want to destroy Lennon's life by refusing. He said Lennon was a wrestling expert, our Patrick was very pleased with this.

Joel talked about PAC signing with the WWE, they showed clips of him wrestling Shingo from last years DGUK tour. All I could think is that he won't be allowed to do wrestling moves like that in the future. Also signed to WWE developmental deals were Martin Stone and Joel Redmond, the panel said that this shows that the two big wrestling companies in the world are specifically looking for UK talent. No mention of TNA's 'British Bootcamp' but I'm sure that will happen probably on the next show especially as it will air on the same channel.

We had a feature on young JD Sassoon (well he's 19), all the usual points were there. That's he's dedicated, that he has to sacrifice his time which is always a good thing to point out. But he kept saying that he was a born performer so I think he'd probably be just as content being a part of a theatre group rather than a professional wrestler.

Finally we got the bodged move of the week. This featured poor Rockstar Spud landing on the top of his head taking a tombstone piledriver/dropkick combo. The panel said that's what happens when things go wrong. Which as far as explanations go was abysmal, did Spud have to take time off? Was he close to breaking his neck? They are the questions that seemed obvious to ask but there you are.

That's where the show ends, is this a must see show? Well to me it's not. That's not to say it didn't have any merit it was overall a pretty entertaining hour that went by easily. I also liked the information bubbles that come onto the screen to explain some points that viewers may not be sure about which is a nice touch. If there is nothing particular on TV then I will probably watch it again but for me it wasn't something that I will go out of my way to catch.

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