Thursday 27 September 2012

The Indy Corner Previews: New Scene Wrestling Presents...Dunne vs. Gallagher (29/9/12)

This show will take place in Great Barr in Birmingham.

Announced for the show is as follows:-

'Dynamite' Pete Dunne vs. 'The Grappler' Jack Gallagher

Eddie Dennis vs. T-Bone

'The Star in The City' Ryan Smile vs. 'White Lightening' Mark Andrews

Tiny Iron vs. Marshall X

With more to be added which will include Kidd Lykos

Again, this has been previewed by me on the podcast but I will do it again right here.

Pete Dunne vs. Jack Gallagher should be a great match indeed. I am expecting it to be somewhat of a technical masterpiece because both guys can sure work the technical style and Dunne can also take to the top rope if he needs to, so should make for an interesting battle. Gallagher has been in there with Davey Richards twice in his career most recently in August so he can hang in there with the best and Dunne in his time has locked up with the likes of Zack Sabre Jr. but is one of the younger guys on the scene and yet is so damn good. Really excited for this match.

Eddie Dennis vs. T-Bone will be a battle of the big men but don't think this we be just that because I know Dennis can go, I've seen him live and on DVD and I am impressed with his stuff. T-Bone has been around a while and like Dennis can also go, last time I personally saw him wrestle live was the last NSW's show Xtreme Limits back in February of this year where he got to team with then TNA tag team champion Matt Morgan. Should be a good match and different to the others around them.

Ryan Smile vs. Mark Andrews is a match I am really looking forward to, when Paul & I spoke about the show on the podcast the other night he said how he wasn't familiar with Smile but I however am. I really like everything about Smile in wrestling, he is a great worker for starters and his character is equally as great. Paul did know about Andrews and like myself is impressed with him. Some of the stuff he does is quite amazing really so this is set to be a great match really, the guys have a bit of history too so this will all add to the match.

And the final match announced will be the MASSIVE Tiny Iron squaring off against Marshall X, this match is the big man against the young lion. Marshall is a couple of years in the business but has a great look and I'm sure if he gets the right break he'll have a bright future. Tiny is well another story altogether, famed for being in movies he has been a bodyguard for hip-hop star 50 Cent they guy is known and has a cult following. Not sure what to expect from this one but it's NSW so I expect nothing but good things.

There will be other matches too which you will find out about on the night.

The Show as stated takes place on Saturday 29th September at The Collingwood Centre in Great Barr, Birmingham. Get down to this show if you can guys, you'll be pleasantly surprised with what you see. Further details here -

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