Thursday 6 September 2012

Night of Champions...By Helen Robinson

Night of Champions is now less than two weeks away. As a Cena fan this is an important PPV for me. A one on one shot at winning the title back from Punk, in his home town, hopefully in an epic battle to the end. These two men have the ability to put on a great match. Obviously I’m hoping for a Cena win, but overall I’m just hoping for the entertaining match that I know they can produce. A clean win for either man is needed. As of late there has been far too much interference and not enough wrestling. Both are more than capable of great wrestling, they just need the chance to show it in a clean match. The Punk / Cena feud is a great story line, add The Rock into the mix and it takes it to a whole new level! As Rock stated on Raw 1000, he will take on the current WWE Champion at this years Royal Rumble. But who will it be?

Sheamus is a great character and a good wrestler, but I’m fed up of him. It’s about time the Heavyweight Championship changed hands. Is Del Rio the man to get it? I hope not. This feud has gone on for far too long and needs to come to an end. It seems like they have been fighting my whole life! Sheamus beats ADR on Raw, ADR beats Sheamus on Smackdown, Ricardo gets beaten up (a lot) and it goes back and forth more than a game of tennis. Del Rio is not Championship worthy at this point. WWE pushed him way to fast and I’ve become tired of seeing his countless desperate promos and evil schemes. Ziggler on the other hand has excellent potential to become the next HWC. He is a good wrestler and he plays his part excellently. His feud with Sheamus is far more interesting and should get more air time than ADR and Ricardo. With the return of Orton and Barrett as well, Sheamus shouldn’t get too attached to that belt. WWE are set to give Barrett a massive push upon his return, and quite rightfully so. His fights with Orton were of Championship quality and I’m looking forward to their feud reigniting. I think it’s a safe bet that Barrett will have the Championship by the time Wrestlemania comes around. I’m hoping so anyway.

So we have yet another pointless Divas match on the card. Current Divas Champion Layla will take on Kaitlyn. Great. At least I get chance to make a quick sandwich and get in a trip to the loo. I couldn’t be less interested in this match. Layla (in my opinion) is not a great wrestler, not even a good one. Yes she may be easy on the eye, but can she fight and make it look legitimate? HELL NO! We don’t see many good divas match ups, but WWE do in fact have some good wrestlers in their Diva’s division. Why they choose to job them and not give them any decent air time is beyond me. There was no Divas match at SummerSlam, only some cringe worthy and degrading dancing during the Kevin Rudolf performance and with rumours going round that Triple H wants more tag teams and less Divas, I would be worried if I was part of the Divas division.

I would love for Miz to take on Sandow for his the Intercontinental Championship. This would make great TV. Both men have massive personalities and have great skill in the ring. I would love to see this happen! Since Miz has returned he seems far more controlled and it’s evident he has put in some gym hours and training. His last few matches have been good, but he needs more interesting match ups. It looks like the Christian angle is dead. Make room for the intellectual saviour of the masses. These two together would make for great TV. I hope WWE see the potential in Sandow and realise whilst his current feud with Brodus Clay is not PPV worthy, an IC match with Miz would be AWESOME!

Anthony Cesaro is a tool! He has got as much charisma as a dead fish floating! He most certainly should not be US Champion. Especially when there is so much great, underrated and underused talent on the roster already. It’s about time Ryder got a good run, the same could be said for Swagger. Swagger is an excellent wrestler, but has been on a losing streak for almost 9 months. Ridiculous! I hope to Ryder defeat Cesaro and the Ryder / Swagger feud to spring back to life. We forget Swagger and Ryder have both held Championships. Yet another prime example of WWE pushing too hard, too fast.

Kofi and Truth make me a little bit sick in my mouth every time I see them. Their reign of entertainment terror needs to come to an end. I hope the Prime Time Players are not the guys to do it, but it seems more likely that they will be. After weeks of feuding, an inappropriate joke, a firing, shoe throwing and what seems like Titus’ arse getting even bigger than his ego (and most US states) not to give them the title would seem like a whole lot of time wasted. Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd make an awesome tag team; however I don’t think they have got themselves over enough as a team to get a valid title shot. I am certain PTP will reign supreme! After watching Smackdown last week and then Raw on Monday I think we will (unfortunately) be seeing a lot more of the Mysterio / Sin Cara tag team. Sin Cara is the definition of human error and Rey Mysterio might as well be made out of glass the amount of injuries he incurs. But, I wouldn’t rule them out as the future number one contenders.

I can’t wait for Night of Champions. I’m hoping for some great matches, most of all I’m hoping for titles to change hands.

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