Thursday 13 September 2012

The Young Bucks & ROH By Jose Haze

This week the rumor that Indy sensations The Young Bucks and ROH had parted ways began to make it's way through the social media channels.

When asked by WLH and The Indy Corner honcho Stu Rodgers via twitter, Matt Jackson of the Bucks had this to say "I wouldn't say we are done anywhere...ever in wrestling, but currently we have zero shows booked for them."

On a previous occasions in ROH, The Young Bucks and other SoCal based wrestlers have been left off cards due to reasons related to travel expenses. Coincidentally everyone I talked to familiar with the situation think this rumored split, could have something to do with travel expenses as well.

The Young Bucks are scheduled to appear at this weekend's Chikara "King of Trios 2012" event in Easton, Pa. followed by an appearance for House of Hardcore Oct. 6th in Poughkeepsie, NY. Also, last week I asked Nick Jackson, the other half of the Young Bucks, via twitter if he and his brother would be in Los Angeles, Ca for the Oct. 27th PWG show in Reseda, Ca and his response was "for sure".

Obviously as talented, charismatic and entertaining as the Bucks are, they will not be struggling for bookings, which brings up another question, Why would ROH want to let go such an exciting and over team like the Bucks? Considering ROH's status on the Independent scene, I find it hard to believe they would leave the Bucks off the card simply because they didn't feel it makes sense economically to fly in the high flying tandem. Could there be more to this that we have yet to see? As the days pass we at Wrestling's Last Hope will continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates as we get them, So keep visiting us!

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