Monday 24 September 2012

A Bird's Eye View #02: This Week In WWE By Glenn Bird

Hi folks Glenn Bird back again for column #02 of A Bird’s Eye View. This week I’m going to talk about the happenings in WWE from the past week, it will include my thoughts on Night Of Champions, Raw and SmackDown. I would like to state that not all of my columns will be WWE related, I will bust out some BritWres columns from time to time but as of right now I’m a little bit out of the BritWres loop. Once I get to a few more shows I’ll get back in to the BritWres side of things but for now I hope you all enjoy the WWE talk.

So Night Of Champions, I actually really enjoyed this pay per view. To me it was actually better than SummerSlam because in all honesty I didn’t enjoy SummerSlam all that much. It wasn’t a bad pay per view, not at all but it just didn’t feel like a SummerSlam to me. Night Of Champions though I really enjoyed, the four way opener was a nice fast paced match which flowed really well. I don’t recall seeing any botches from either Sin Cara or Rey Mysterio either which is always a bonus. The finish of the match was quite unique to and I thought it was really well done. A good match to open things up and the crowd seemed to eat it all up too, some crowds appear to sit on their hands but this one was rowdy and only made the pay per view better.

On to the diva fiasco. So the dirt sheets tell us that Kaitlyn was never meant to win the number one contenders battle royal a few weeks ago and that it was meant to be an Eve Torres win. Okay, accidents happen, I mean both Chris Jericho and Alex Riley have been eliminated from Royal Rumbles prematurely (Although Jericho’s was off camera and he slipped back in), it’s always a risk in Rumbles and Royals, that’s fine but over the past few weeks Kaitlyn managed to get over with the crowd, even getting chants on SmackDown. It’s not often you hear chants in divas matches, hell in some you hear anything but silence (Can you actually hear silence?) so why didn’t WWE roll with it? Eve is already an established diva so why not give Kaitlyn the ball while she was getting over? Even if it was just till Raw the next night or next week, why just totally take her from that match?

As far as the diva division goes I know a lot of people who use that division and those matches as a ‘break’, I personally don’t as I try to give everything I watch on a weekly basis a chance. Sure some diva matches are the pits but some get a bad knock even when they’re good. There was a time where the divas division was red hot, back in the times of Trish, Lita, Victoria, Molly and a few others. It can be that way again if they gave it a chance. Take AJ Lee, she’s over more than a lot of the guys and could have been the first step to redeeming the division so what do they do? Make her the General Manager. That was a good move but in the long run I think it’ll hurt her momentum, if they let her continue the nutjob thing in the actual division and in matches that could be the first step to bringing the divas division back from the dead. I think the fact that Kaitlyn was over could have helped too. Hopefully it will lead to Kaitlyn finding out Torres had something to do with the attack and we get a revenge angle, that would keep things hot but I fear that they’ll just leave Kaitlyn off TV for too long and people will forget and she’ll lose that overness she had. We’ll see though

Next topic, the WWE Tag Team Division. It seems that WWE have finally got their heads together regarding tag teams and it’s about time. I’m a huge fan of Tag Team Wrestling and have been sad at the state of the division in the past few years but now I’m enjoying what’s going on in the Tag Team Division. The Prime Time Players are one of my favourite teams right now, they’re just two arrogant dick heads who play that role well and they’ve got a good thing going with a storyline now. Tag teams in storylines? Surely not! But really, they have the storyline of being ‘screwed’ out of their title shot and this week took it out on the new Masked Marvels tag team (Mysterio and Sin Cara). I personally hope that goes somewhere. I’ve been bored of Rey Rey for quite some time but I do kind of like this team of his with Cara. I hope it leads to a Masked Marvels versus PTP feud which eventually leads to PTP taking the Tag gold.

That leads me in to the next part of my column perfectly, the WWE Tag Team Champions. Kane and Daniel Bryan got the titles at Night Of Champions and are somewhat of a comedy team but you know what? It works and it’s massively over. Now I’ve seen some people say “uuuuugh Bryan Danielson is a wrezler and he’z too goodz for this!” I say that’s bullshit, yes D-Bry is a wrestler but he’s also in the WWE which relies on things like comedy and character development. Do you all honestly think Daniel Bryan cares? He’s one of the most over people in the biggest company in the world, yes he’s known for his wrestling ability but there also needs to be character development too. I’ve seen people say that they prefer the independent scene because there’s none of these ‘stupid anger management segments’. Thing is, if they could afford the time on their shows to have those kind of segments on their shows then it’s pretty likely that they would. Just a thought there. As for Kane, it’s down to character development with him too. Kane has done that much and been that much over the years it’s hard to do something different with him but I believe that now they have. He’s been a monster face, a monster heel; he’s probably the only legitimate tweener in the business. He’s done dark, serious, comedy, monster... But never, until now, has he been the Big Red Hugging Machine! I personally enjoy the Anger Management segments and what they’ve done with D-Bry and Kane. Kane and D-Bry have singlehandedly (Wait, can tag teams do things singlehandedly? Is it doublehandedly? Fourhandedly?... ) made the tag team division red hot and relevant. The end of SmackDown this week was one of the best ends to a show I’ve seen in a while.

Here you have all these tag teams looking for the gold, new tag teams like Rey and Cara, or Sandow and Rhodes as well as other teams like The PTP, International Airstrike (Kidd & Gabriel for those not keeping track) and the Uso’s yet two guys who can’t get along are The Tag Team Champions. So all these teams see that as a weakness. The PTP, I.A. and The Uso’s were all lumberjacks in the Sandow/Rhodes versus Kane/Bryan main event, yes, the tag team title storyline main evented the show, when was the last time that happened? That match ends in a DQ and then all the teams get involved. This is where Kane and D-Bry, assisted by two chairs, finally unite and take out all the teams gunning for their titles. Now I know what some people are thinking, they’re thinking that Kane and D-Bry just killed off the Tag Team division. I see it differently though, I see it as them making the division as well as those teams that tried attacking them all relevant. Look at it this way, throughout the night Kane and D-Bry were at each other’s throats, Rhodes and Sandow scored wins over them both in singles matches, adding them in to the mix. Kane and D-Bry used Rhodes and Sandow to join forces in the main event to face them in a tag match. There are teams left, right and centre wanting the tag titles whereas in the past few years there’s barley been two teams going for the tag team gold. What they have done with the tag team division is brilliant, they’ve not only made it relevant but with Kane and Bryan leading the way they’ve boosted it up in to the main event too. I just hope that they keep on pushing it like they have been and not lose interest because right now WWE are taking big steps in the right direction as far as the tag team division go.

In other news Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal have formed a stable, apparently they’re calling themselves Encore. It does seem kind of random, especially since Drew, as a face, fought Mahal last week on SuperStars but hey, if it means getting some new blood something decent I’m all for it. Slater has been really entertaining for the past few months and he’s one of those guys you just love to see take a kicking. Jinder has a good look about him, as well as a gimmick that draws heat, he just needs to improve in the ring. Drew I’ve always been a fan of, even when he was Drew Galloway, what they’ve done to him is a travesty in my book. However if this is getting him back on TV he’ll hopefully get some more wins under his belt and get back up the card where he belongs. Booked correctly they could make an impact on the WWE roster, they’ve started with Brodus Clay who has barley lost a match, hopefully this leads to one of them scoring an upset win over Brodus and then a push. I just hope it’s not the case of teaming them just so Ryback can say “Feed Me Three” and kill all of them. Sure, have them feud with Ryback but don’t have Ryback kill them, hell have Drew be the first to beat Ryback. Why not? It’d boost Drew and Ryback wouldn’t lose anything whatsoever from losing a match, its win win. I think that’s just wishful thinking on my part though...

Random thoughts time!

Quite looking forward to WWE 13, glad they brought Create a Championship and Special Referee match back...

I’m finally giving in to the Twitter bug...

I’m tremendously addicted to my new iPhone, don’t know how I managed so long without one!...

Sick of anything reality TV related...

Going to the Raw taping in two months, really hope they have the No! Shirt on sale...

Well folks that’s it for this edition of A Bird’s Eye View. As always I hoped you enjoyed the read. Feel free to add me on Facebook, just search Glenn Bird, or follow me on Twitter @Glencyclopedia.

Hope y’all have a good week!

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