Tuesday 18 September 2012

A Bird's Eye View Column #01: Not Cena Nuff. By Glenn Bird

Hey there everybody this is Glenn Bird here re-debuting an old column of mine I call A Bird’s Eye View. It’s been some time since I last wrote a column or blog so I might be a little rusty but I’m sure it won’t take me long to get back in to the swing of things. Anywho, I decided to make the first column on a usually controversial subject, that being John Cena.

Me personally? I’m a fan of John Cena, yes I know what you’re thinking, I must be under the age of 14 but as a matter of fact I’m 26. The thing that I find these days is that a lot of people claim to dislike or hate Cena but do so because it’s the cool thing to do, it’s like a long fad. Personally I never bought in to the whole disliking of Cena’s in ring abilities because I tend to like the majority of his matches. Now I know that some people who read this will be automatically thinking ‘But Cena only haz five movezzz of doomz” and I say that they’d be wrong because Cena has more than five SIGNATURE moves, that’s not even counting moves like suplexes and DDT’s, so that whole five moves thing is ridiculous. I’ve had this same debates a few times and these are my thoughts on the five moves subject. A lot of people who say this about Cena seem to be Bret Hart fans; Bret to be was the originator of the five moves of doom. What exactly is the difference? Like I said above I think that the dislike of Cena is a ‘cool fad’ as he rarely has a bad match. Okay so the endings of his matches are samey samey a lot of the time but you can say that with a lot of people. His matches though are usually quite enjoyable to me and the fans, whether cheering or booing him, make his matches extra heated. Cena, to me, was also involved in one of the best WWE matches for a long time at last year’s Money In The Bank pay per view. People can say that was all down to Punk all they want but I say they both made that match what it was.

Another popular sub-category on subject Cena is a heel turn. If Cena did indeed turn heel the first thing the fans would do is cheer him! It is utterly pointless turning Cena heel officially because it’ll just get the fans cheering him. He’s actually more heel as a face than he would be as an official heel, so it’s totally pointless so WWE may as well not bother as he’s doing exactly what they want him doing right now, bringing in the dollar. See people moan about that too but that’s how to do business. Cena markets to kiddies, kiddies want to see a WWE show so if you’ve sold a ticket to a kid you’ve automatically sold at least two since they have to go with an adult. The kiddie at the show then wants Cena merchandise and parent buys kiddie a shirt, a head band, wristbands, baseball cap, the works. Its brilliant marketing if you think about it. Until Cena stops selling (merchandise that is) he will forever be WWE’s top babyface and cash cow. So don’t expect Cena to turn against the WWE Universe any time soon people, it’s just bad for WWE business.

People of course seem to blame John Cena and John Cena alone for all these sins when in actual fact they should be pointing fingers at the bookers. Cena has been booked to be the superman, sure as my brother Diamond Dale Mills (cheap shout out) rightfully pointed out, Cena could indeed challenge the booking and maybe he has, we might never know if he has or hasn’t but at the end of the day it’s the higher ups that have the final say over these things and if they want Johnny boy to be Superman then they’ll book and push Johnny to be Superman, that’s just how it is. They booked Hogan the same, how many matches did Hogan lose? And when he did lose how many were clean? Same with Steve Austin, every time he lost it seemed to be in a stipulation match with 465 run ins, 464 of which took stunners while the 465th did the deed to cost Austin his match, so really Cena is no different than any of them. In actual fact he probably loses more than they did in their prime eras.

~~This part of the column is being edited in last minute due to what happened at the Night Of Champions pay per view. Cena’s match with Punk was the best match on the card by far, even better than Orton versus Ziggler which I also thought was amazing. I think this match proved that Cena can indeed wrestle and is pretty damn good at it too. Of course those people with their Cena hater shades on will still 100% deny that he was amazing in that match but hell that’s expected. Either way in my opinion he proved that he can wrestle and deserves to be in the top spot as well the face of the WWE.

So there we go, those are my thoughts on the very controversial topic of John Cena. To close things off here I’m gonna do something DDM used to do when he wrote columns years ago. Random Thoughts!

I think Daniel Bryan and Kane should name their team “Hell No!”...

Really enjoyed the Night Of Champions pay per view, aside from the divas bullshittery. I think I may do a Bird’s Eye ReView of the show...

Dolph Ziggler watches over Chuck Norris as he sleeps...

If your Lipshitz what does your arse do?...

Get well soon Jerry!...

Well folks that’s it for the first edition of the Bird’s Eye View, thanks to Stu and Wrestling’s Last Hope for allowing me to write for them. Feel free to add me on facebook and follow me on twitter @Glencyclopedia

Glenn out!

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  1. I hate John Cena so much with every fiber of my being. Yet he is one of my favourite wrestlers.

    I hate him so much that it becomes ENTERTAINING. Its like every single match he is in becomes a life or death struggle as whomever he fights instantly becomes my favourite wrestler lol.

    I have no problem with his wrestling or personality or anything. I just *LOVE* to hate him. Seriously you are right if he became heel i would *LOVE* him it would be amazing. But probably alot less entertaining for me ;)

    Its like a reverse Hulkamania!