Sunday 22 May 2011

WWE Over The Limit 2011 Review

- The 2011 WWE Over the Limit pay-per-view opens up with a "In Memory Of" graphic for Randy Savage before we go to the standard WWE opening video.

- We get a promo video for tonight's top matches at Over the Limit including John Cena vs. The Miz and Randy Orton vs. Christian.

- We go to the ring and out comes R-Truth with no music. Truth goes to the ring and says it's all about parking lots. He talks about arriving today and not having a parking spot. Truth says that meant he had to park with the fans. He says he deserves a whole lot better than to be treated like them. Truth says he had to walk in the rain. Truth calls the people of Seattle stinkin' hippies. Truth says it's a conspiracy. Truth says he's danced for the fans and it got him nowhere. He's not playing games anymore, he says. Truth says Rey Mysterio plays games. Truth goes on until Rey Mysterio's music hits.

R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio

There are two Ford Mustangs sitting on the stage as a part of the set. Rey Mysterio's music hits and out he comes to a pop.

The match starts and they go at it, making their way out to the floor early on. Rey takes Truth from the apron to the floor. Rey brings it back in the ring and goes up top but Truth knocks him down. Rey gets wrapped up in the corner and Truth unloads with kicks. Truth beats Rey into the next corner and works him over. Truth charges but Rey trips him face-first into the corner. Truth runs Rey's head into the ring post and he falls out to the floor.

Truth brings it back in the ring and covers Rey for a 2 count. Truth works Rey over on the mat now. Rey fights to his feet and out of the hold. Rey runs the ropes and gets hit by a knee from Truth. Truth suplexes Rey and drops him on his face for another 2 count. Truth with a clutch in the corner now and more stomps for Rey. Truth wraps Rey's body around the ring post now and stretches it. Truth brings it back in the ring again but only gets 2. They go back up top and Rey bulldogs Truth back into the ring. 2 count for Mysterio.

Back and forth action until Rey hits a crossbody from the second rope for a 2 count. Rey drops Truth again for another 2 count. Truth catches Rey in the corner but Rey fights to the apron. Rey headbutts Truth and hits a plancha from the top rope. They run the ropes and Truth hits a twisted elbow for a 2 count. Truth misses the axe kick and Rey rolls him up for 1. Rey counters another move and goes for 619 but Truth slides out of the ring. Rey kicks Truth to the floor and goes to the apron. Truth pulls Rey down and the apron gets hung between his legs. Truth clotheslines Rey and brings him back in the ring. Truth drops Rey on his face for the pin and the win.

Winner: R-Truth

- After the match, no music plays for Truth and the crowd starts booing him. Truth asks for a bottle of water and walks around the ring. Rey gets up and Truth smacks him in the head with the water before posing on the second rope and leaving the ring. We go to replays.

- We go backstage with Todd Grisham, The Miz and Alex Riley talking about the WWE Title Match tonight. Miz says he will prove all the naysayers wrong again tonight. Miz says he has never quit at anything in his entire life. He says he has a gameplan for tonight and knows what it takes to win.

- We go ringside to the announcers. Michael Cole talks trash to Jerry Lawler about their match tonight. They talk about tonight's Intercontinental Title match and we go to three weeks ago when Ezekiel Jackson was kicked out of The Corre and more highlights from their feud.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett

We go to the ring and out comes the WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett by himself. Out next comes the challenger Ezekiel Jackson.

The bell rings and they test each other. They finally go at it and Barrett looks to take control early on until Jackson throws him over the top rope and to the floor. Barrett runs back in the ring and Zeke chases him. Barrett tries a big boot when Zeke comes back in but Zeke catches it and goes to work on Barrett. Zeke with big knees and right hands in the corner now. Zeke continues the assault and Barrett gets the ref's attention in the corner. Out of nowhere Barrett gets up and decks Zeke. Barrett rams Zeke into the ringpost from the corner.

Barrett with another shot into the ringpost and a 2 count. Barrett mounts Zeke with right hands. Barrett goes to the second rope and hits an elbow drop for another pin attempt. Barrett takes it tot he mat with a headlock. Zeke fights back but Barrett hits him with headbutts. Barrett goes for Wasteland but Zeke slides out and fights back. Barrett with a boot to the gut. Barrett goes for the gutwrench powerbomb and nails it for a 2 count.

Zeke knocks Barrett out of the ring with a right hand. Barrett comes back to the apron but Zeke runs him into the ring post. Zeke brings Barrett back in and runs him over with big shoulder blocks. Zeke with a huge splash in the corner and a scoop slam. And another scoop slam, and yet another. Barrett hits one more big scoop slam on Barrett, wait, there's another. Zeke scoops Barrett onto his shoulders nect but Justin Gabriel rushes in and kicks Zeke in the stomach.

Winner by DQ: Ezekiel Jackson

- Zeke fights off Gabriel but Heath Slater rushes the ring. He fights him off but The Corre gangs up on Zeke and all three start stomping away. Barrett hits a big running boot while Slater and Gabriel hold Zeke. Zeke is announced as the winner by DQ but The Corre raises Barrett's arm as we go to replays.

- We go backstage with Nexus. My feed cut out but comes back on and we see Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga down on the floor hurt. Mason Ryan and CM Punk are having a bit of an argument about their tag team title match tonight. Punk gets Mason to walk off with him for the match but walks back in to make a smart remark to Otunga and McGillicutty.

Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero

We go to the ring and out first comes Sin Cara to a decent reaction. Chavo Guerrero is out next.

The bell rings and they lock up. Chavo with a headlock early on. They go back and forth on the mat. Chavo takes Cara down with a wristlock and pushes his face into the mat. Cara fights out of the hold and hits a big hip toss. More back and forth with Cara taking Guerrero down with a head scissors. Cara flips into the ropes and knocks Chavo to the floor from the apron. Cara runs the ropes and leaps over the top, landing on Chavo on the floor. Cara superkicks Chavo back. He ends up on the apron and uses another head scissors takedown on the floor before bringing it back in the ring.

Chavo knocks Cara down as he re-enters the ring and goes to work on him in the corner. Cara fights back and Chavo ends up down in the corner now. Cara leaps but Chavo moves and he lands on the second rope. Cara goes to the top and hits a moonsault on Chavo for a 2 count. Chavo backs down in the corner again but Cara superkicks him. Chavo turns it around in the corner and hits a big running knee. Chavo with stomps on Cara now. Chavo gets hit with a dropkick and a botched arm drag takedown. More back and forth action. Chavo works on Cara's leg now.

Chavo goes to the top but Cara kicks him down to the floor outside the ring. Cara runs across the ring to the top and leaps off onto Chavo and the floor with a crossbody. Cara brings it back in the ring and hits a springboard hurricanrana. Cara gets pumped up now and hits Chavo with punches and kicks. Cara springboards from the ropes and hits a back elbow into Chavo. Arm drag by Cara and a kick to the head from the apron. Cara goes to the top and hits another crossbody for a 2 count.

Chavo fights back and goes for a powerbomb but Cara hangs onto his back. Cara escapes with an arm drag. Chavo goes for a back drop but Cara slides out. Cara with another botched head scissors takedown and the pin out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Sin Cara

- WWE airs their new anti-bullying video.

- We go backstage with Todd Grisham, Randy Orton and Christian. Grisham says they've been respectful towards each other going into tonight. Christian says the World Title loss has to eat at him. Christian says he isn't mad at anybody. He says Randy didn't do anything he wouldn't have done himself. Christian is sure he will win the belt back tonight. Christian says Orton knows this deep down. Orton says Christian is one hell of a competitor but he beat him once and if he loses again... Christian says he won't lose again. Orton says when he fights a feel-good story, there is no happily ever after.

- We go to the ring and out comes Alberto Del Rio as Ricardo Rodriguez makes the introduction. Del Rio is driving a new Bentley tonight. Del Rio introduces himself. Del Rio wants to talk about destiny. He says the immigration problem in this part of the country is disgusting. Del Rio says thousands of illegal Canadians are crossing the border to America. The crowd boo's him. Del Rio says he's not upset that he isn't in the WWE Title match tonight because he knows he can make either Cena or Miz say "I Quit" with the armbreaker. He says it's only a matter of time before he's WWE Champion and there's nothing you can do because destiny can't be stopped. Big Show and Kane's music hit and out come the WWE Tag Team Champions to the ring. Kane tells Del Rio that he's already angry since the rapture didn't come yesterday but if Del Rio don't leave the ring, his destiny is to wind up just like McGillicutty and Otunga did in the back earlier. Show says that's a punch in the face. They back Del Rio out of the ring and here we go.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: CM Punk & Mason Ryan vs. Big Show and Kane

Out next come CM Punk and Mason Ryan. The bell ring and it's Punk starting off with Kane. Punk immediately tags in Ryan. They lock up and Ryan shoves Kane to the mat. Kane with a headlock but Ryan pushes out and drops him with a shoulder. Kane kicks Ryan in the gut and hits two big right hands. They run the ropes and Ryan catches Kane with a huge slam. Ryan with a big clothesline in the corner and a tag to Punk. Punk runs in but Kane drops him with a right hand and tags in Show.

Show drops Punk with a huge chop and then walks over top of him. Another chop in the corner. Show goes for another but Punk turns his back so Show chops his back. Show charges in the corner and Punk dropkicks his leg out. Ryan is tagged back in. He drops Show and goes to work on him with kicks and an elbow. Punk is tagged again and comes in for a 2 count. Punk goes for a headlock but Show lifts him up and applies a big bear hug. Show tags in Kane and holds Punk while Kane hits a big boot. Kane with a big splash in the corner and another. Kane hits the big sideslam for a 2 count.

Kane goes to the top for a big clothesline and comes down. He goes for a chokeslam. Ryan distracts the referee, allowing Punk to take back control. Kane ends up on the floor and gets decked by Punk, who is on longer the legal man. Ryan comes to the floor and rams Kane back into the apron. Ryan brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. Ryan works over Kane and tags back in Punk for some double teaming in the corner. Punk hits the running knee. He goes for the bulldog but Kane pushes him off. Punk dropkicks Kane's knee and gets a 2 count. Ryan is tagged in for some more double teaming, working on Kane's leg. Ryan scoops Kane on his shoulder and rams him back in the corner and then slams him on the mat. 2 count for Ryan. Ryan goes from a headlock to a bear hug. They go at it with shots in the middle of the ring now but Ryan scoops Kane up again. Kane pushes back out and hits a big suplex.

Punk is tagged in and he stops Kane from tagging. Punk goes to work on Kane with kicks now. Punk goes to the top rope but takes too long coming down. Kane takes control for a minute and tags in Show as Ryan comes in. Show runs over Ryan and takes him down with a big shoulder. Show grabs Ryan for a chokeslam. Punk comes off the top and gets grabbed by the throat also. They break the hold but Show clotheslines them. Kane comes in and clotheslines Punk to the floor. Kane and Show chokeslam Mason at the same time and Show covers for the win.

Winners: Kane and Big Show

- We go to ringside and the announcers hype next month's Capitol Punishment pay-per-view. They air a mock video of President Obama at a news conference. Reporters ask Obama different questions about WWE and they've put in clips of Obama answering other questions from news conferences.

WWE Divas Title Match: Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella

We go to the ring and out first comes WWE Divas Champion Brie Bella with her sister Nikki Bella. Out next comes the challenger Kelly Kelly. The bell rings and Brie strikes first. They go to the corner and Kelly wraps Brie over the ropes in a spider like move. Kelly drops Brie on her face on the apron. Kelly goes to the top and hits a crossbody from the top for a 2 count.

Kelly hits a stinkface but ends up down on the floor, allowing Nikki to get a cheap shot in. Brie stomps on Kelly's hand as she tries to get back in the ring. Brie brings Kelly up on the apron and drops her over the ropes. Brie drags Kelly in the ring for a 2 count. Brie works on Kelly's arm and continues the offense. Brie slams Kelly back to the mat and goes back to work on her arm.

Kelly finally makes a comeback and hits a Thesz Press. Kelly unloads on Brie and slams her face into the mat repeatedly. Kelly with a 2 count. They go at it and the Twins pull the switch out of nowhere. Nikki comes in, lays Kelly out and covers her for the win.

Winner: Brie Bella

- After the match, The Bellas make their way up the ramp as Cole exits his cube to go get ready for the Kiss My Foot match.

- We get a promo video for tonight's World Heavyweight Title match.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Christian vs. Randy Orton

We go to the ring and out first comes Christian. Out next is the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton to a nice reaction. We get formal introductions before the bell.

They start the match and the crowd starts chanting. They lock up and Christian rolls Orton up for a 1 count. They lock up again and Orton applies a headlock. Orton takes Christian down with a shoulder and gets a 2 count. Another headlock by Orton now. Orton runs the ropes but Christian takes him down with a forearm. Christian with a dropkick from the second rope for a 2 count. Christian smacks Orton and runs the ropes. Orton drops him with a back elbow. Christian dumps Orton over the top rope and to the floor. Christian runs the ropes and hits a huge dropkick, knocking Orton back into the barrier.

Christian works Orton over on the floor and brings it back in the ring. Dueling chants for Orton and Christian from the crowd. Christian scoop slams Orton and applies a headlock. Orton fights out and ducks a clothesline. Christian connects with a dropkick for a 2 count. Christian takes Orton down and applies a chinlock from behind. Orton comes back with a standing dropkick. Christian slaps Orton coming out of the corner and goes up top. Orton knocks Christian down on the top and they trade right hands. Orton gets the upperhand and climbs up. Orton superplexes Christian back into the ring and gets a 2 count.

Orton goes back to work. Christian counters an uppercut with a backslide for a 2 count. Orton comes back with right hands and a kick to the face. Orton wth two clotheslines. Christian catches him with a big spinebuster for another 2 count. They both get up and trade big right hands in the middle of the ring. Christian with slaps and a big flying forearm. Christian with an inverted DDT for a 2 count. Christian goes to the top rope and comes down but Orton catches his legs for a 2 count. They trade pin attempts. Back to their feet until Orton beats Christian down. Orton goes for the Angle slam but Christian counters. Christian goes to the floor for the right hand but Orton blocks it. Orton goes for the second-rope DDT but it's countered also. Christian knocks Orton back and goes up top. Christian hits a big flying headbutt on Orton for a 2 count.

Orton gets up first and hits an uppercut and a backbreaker for another 2 count. Orton starts stomping on Christian and kicks him in the ribs. Orton with a big knee drop and another 2 count. Christian goes for the backslide but Orton tries for an RKO. Both countered. Orton applies a backwards Boston crab, a very different looking move, as Christian tries to make it to the ropes. Christian finally makes it and the hold is broken. They go back and forth in the corner. Christian dodges an RKO. Christian with a roll-up from the second rope for a close 2 count. They get up and Christian with a right hand. They counter each other on the ropes until Orton brings Christian in with the second rope DDT for a 2 count. Orton hits the mat and gets ready.

Orton goes for an RKO but Christian pushes him off. Christian starts calling for a spear and gets ready for it in the corner. Orton gets up and catches Christian, blocking the spear with a powerslam. 2 count by Orton. Orton stands over Christian now and then backs up for a punt kick. Orton charges with the punt but stops in mid-stride. Orton backs up for it again but Christian spears him. Christian covers Orton for a close 2 count. Christian is very frustrated now. Christian motions for the Killswitch but Orton blocks it and eventually hits the RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

- After the match, Orton poses as we go to replays. Orton tries to help Christian up but Christian pushes him off and goes to leave the ring. Christian comes back in and gets in Orton's face. Christian shakes Orton's hand and they embrace to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

- We get a video with recent highlights in the feud between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Kiss My Foot Match: Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler

The only way to win this one is by pinfall or submission. The loser must kiss the winners feet. We go to the ring and out first comes Jerry Lawler. Out next comes Michael Cole but he's limping and dressed in a suit. Cole takes the mic and has a prepared statement. Cole says he can't compete tonight because he's medically prohibited. Cole asks for Lawler's understanding and compassion, as well as the fans. Cole says his doctor won't let him compete because his athlete's foot has became infected, making it unsafe for Cole and Lawler. Cole hands the ref his doctor's note and the ref rips it up, calling for the bell.

Lawler unloads on Cole with right hands and beats him around the ring. Lawler hits a dropkick and Cole ends up on the floor. Lawler comes out after him but Cole takes a cheap shot and throws Lawler into the steps. Cole throws Lawler into the barrier and begins to take his shoe and sock off. Cole's foot is brown and horrible looking. Cole waves it in Lawler's face. Lawler grabs Cole's leg and punches him. Lawler throws Cole through his Colemine and down it goes.

Lawler brings it back in the ring and goes to the second rope. Lawler drops a big fist on Cole's face and covers him for the win.

Winner: Jerry Lawler

- After the match, Lawler starts taking his boot off but stops and thinks for a second. Lawler motions to the back and out comes Eve Torres. Eve climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits a moonsault on Cole. Lawler takes his boot off now and the crowd chants for him. Lawler motions to the back again and out comes Jim Ross to a big pop. JR pulls out a bottle of BBQ sauce and pours it all over Cole's face. Cole escapes from the ring and goes to leave. Lawler wants him to come back and kiss his foot but Cole says no way. Cole takes a mic at the top of the ramp and says it may look like he lost tonight, but he didn't. Cole says he isn't a loser. He calls Lawler, JR and Eve losers. Cole says it doesn't matter what Lawler did, he never did and never will kiss his foot. Bret Hart's music hits and he comes out. Bret backs Cole down the ramp and towards the ring. Bret tosses Cole back into the ring and follows him in. Bret locks the Sharpshooter on Cole to a big pop from the crowd. As Cole is locked in, Lawler puts his foot in Cole's mouth. Lawler's music hits as Cole gags on the mat, still covered in BBQ sauce with his clothes torn. We go to replays. Bret, Lawler and Eve wave to the fans as Bret's music hits next. JR goes to commentary as Bret shakes hands with fans at ringside. Cole is now crying as he stumbles out of the ring.

- We get a promo video for tonight's WWE Title match.

I Quit Match for the WWE Title: The Miz vs. John Cena

We go to the ring and out first comes The Miz with Alex Riley right behind him. John Cena's music is up next and out comes the WWE Champion to a nice reaction from the crowd. We get formal introductions from Justin Roberts and here we go.

The bell rings and Miz takes the mic. He mentions there are no rules in an I Quit Match except one must say they quit. Miz says he can use weapons on Cena but Riley can also. Riley enters the ring and stands beside Miz, ready to go. Miz lets Cena have the chance to go ahead and quit now. Cena says hell no. Miz charges and Cena ducks. Cena unloads on Miz and Riley, going back and forth between the two. Cena with a big bulldog on Miz and a gutwrench. Cena locks on the STF but Riley breaks it up. Riley goes to work on Cena now.

Miz and Riley start working Cena over now. Riley charges but Cena dumps him to the floor. Cena unloads on Miz with shoulders and a back drop. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Miz and goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Miz slides out and hits a neckbreaker. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Cena counters with an Attitude Adjustment. Riley comes in and decks Cena with the briefcase. Riley starts smacking Cena with the case now.

Riley and Miz continue the double team now. They hit him with a double powerbomb from the top. The ref checks on Cena but he's not ready to quit. They throw Cena out to the floor. More double teaming on the floor with Cena being rammed hard back into the barrier. He's still not ready to quit.

They continue to beat Cena on the floor but he won't quit. Riley and Miz take apart the announcer's table and beat him down with the monitors. Cena still won't quit. He finally fights back but Miz throws him into the steel steps. Miz drops Cena's face onto the steel steps with a DDT. Miz puts the mic in Cena's face this time but he still won't quit. Riley lifts the steel steps up. Miz tells Cena that Riley is going to slam them into his ribs if he doesn't quit. Cena tells him to go to hell. Riley slams the steps into Cena's side. The ref checks on Cena again but he won't quit. Riley holds Cena's arms from the ring while he's on the floor. Miz grabs a kendo stick. He tells Cena to go ahead and quit. Cena tells him he hits like a girl. Miz cracks Cena in the ribs repeatedly with the kendo stick. Cena still won't quit.

Miz unloads on Cena's ribs with the kendo stick again and Cena falls to the floor. Still no quitting from Cena. Another kendo shot from Miz. They go back to double teaming Cena now, beating him up the ramp and towards the cars on stage. Miz suplexes Cena onto the stage. The ref checks on Cena but he won't quit. Miz hits Cena with a running kick to the face and Cena rolls off the stage and onto the concrete floor. Cena still won't say it. Riley holds Cena while Miz gets a belt from a production worker. Miz threatens to whip Cena with the strap unless he quits. Cena tells him he has a strap but no nuts. Miz whips Cena in the back repeatedly with the strap. Cena still won't quit. Miz whips Cena several more times but Cena won't give up. Miz tells Riley go to get him a chair from the ring. Miz takes Cena back to the ramp. Cena drops him with a right hand and slams Riley into the ringpost. Miz comes up and decks Cena and then hits him with the steel chair.

Miz brings Cena and the chair in the ring. Cena gets up and fights Miz off. Riley comes in but Cena throws him and he hits the ref. The referee goes down. Miz comes back from behind on Cena and lays him out with a DDT. Miz props the chair up in the ropes and lays Cena's face into it with a Skull Crushing Finale. Cena still won't quit. Miz goes to some Cena fans at ringside and asks him if he wants to Cena go through more pain. Miz tells the kid to tell Cena to quit. The kid says never, not any day. Miz tells the kid to look what he's done to Cena and kicks him. Miz yells at the kid some more now and says he won't stop until Cena quits. Miz tells the kid to tell Cena to quit again. Another kid tells Miz to quit first. Miz decks Cena in the head with the mic. Miz threatens to beat Cena repeatedly with a chair until he quits. Miz tells him he can't win this match. Cena tells Miz the kids are smarter than him. As Cena is laying halfway through the barrier, Miz cracks him in the head with a chairshot. Riley holds the mic to Cena's mouth and says "I quit." This is supposed to be Cena saying it but it sounded like Riley. The bell rings and the referee goes for the belt at ringside. The referee sees a cell phone at ringside and plays audio on it. The referee says no to the decision and comes back in the ring to argue with Miz and Riley. He plays the audio from Riley's phone into the mic and exposes their trick. The referee restarts the match.

Miz holds Cena while Riley charges with the belt. Cena ducks and lays Riley through the announcer table with an Attitude Adjustment. Cena looks at Miz and starts smiling. Cena takes off his own belt and starts whipping Miz over and over with it. Miz runs up the ramp but Cena beats him with the strap the whole way. Miz tries to go backstage but Cena pulls him back. Cena locks on the STF on the stage and Miz says "I Quit" to end the match.

Winner: John Cena

- After the match, we get replays. Cena poses with the WWE Title on the stage as they show more replays. Over the Limit goes off the air with Cena saluting the crowd and raising the WWE Title.

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