Wednesday 25 May 2011

Alberto Del Rio - Have The WWE Missed The Boat Or Not?

Alberto Del Rio came into the WWE on the back of a series of vignettes that aired over a number of weeks, something that the WWE hadn't done for quite a while. There were not many fans I believe who were familiar with Del Rio's past as Dos Caras Jr in Mexico so the vignettes were a great way to introduce the Alberto Del Rio character to the 'WWE Universe'.
Del Rio got embroiled in a feud with fellow Mexican Rey Mysterio when he first arrived on the August 20th edition of Smack Down and it went on to be a decent little feud. Del Rio went on to attack Christian to put him out of action, this was because Christian had a legit injury and needed time off for an operation and to heal from it and in the process built Del Rio as a good heel with great heat.

Fast forward to January of 2011, Del Rio won the Royal Rumble match and he proclaimed it was his destiny to become world heavyweight champion. Of course, by winning the Rumble he would be able to face the champion of his choice at Wrestle Mania XXVII and to no surprise, as he was part of the Smack Down brand, he chose to face the World champion Edge at Mania. At the Elimination Chamber PPV, Del Rio attacked Edge who was saved by the returning Christian. On the March 18th edition of Smack Down, Del Rio lost to Christian in a steel cage match.
Pretty much all the wrestling dirt sheet writers and radio show hosts predicted a win for Del Rio at Mania or moreso, wanted him to win and I include myself in that list, I did want him to win and I thought he would. Wrestle Mania rolled around and to my surprise Edge came out of the PPV still the world champion.
On the following Smack Down Del Rio beat Christian to earn a World Title rematch with Edge at the following PPV - Extreme Rules. To the surprise of most outside the WWE, on the April 11th edition of WWE RAW, Edge announce his retirement from wrestling due to injury. With Edge gone from the roster, WWE brought forward their annual draft and del Rio was drafted to RAW. The PPV now had Del Rio against Christian for the vacant world title in a ladder match, as thought by many, WWE gave the strap to Christian as he and Edge were boyhood friends and it was a thankyou to Edge by the company to let Christian have the title.

On the recent Over The Limit PPV, Del Rio wasn't booked to wrestle on the show and followers of the WWE were left scratching their heads, I said on a radio show I was part of - The Aftershock Pro Wrestling Show I thought the fact he wasn't booked on the PPV he would play a big role on the following nights RAW. Del Rio featured a bit in skits with Big Show & Kane.

I think and I have said this recently to various people, big things lay ahead for Del Rio, I think he is a potential oppenent for WWE champion John Cena and a match between the two at Summer Slam would be ideal. I think Del Rio is a 'real heel' meaning, he is easy to hate, draws great heat from the crowd whereas the heel that is in the main event picture at the moment - The Miz is just annoying rather than plausable. Many may diagree with me on this (my views on The Miz), The Miz does have his fans but his WWE title run wasn't full of any wins over tope tier talent. I feel if Del Rio was given the ball to run with he would do a great job as a genuine heel champion with the likes of Cena chasing him for the strap.

I hope Del Rio is given the chance with the WWE title and proves that he deserves it.

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