Sunday 1 May 2011

Extreme Rules 2011 Results

The only full match I got to watch was the triple threat cage match from the announced card, for the WLH prediction league I only had 6 matches listed there were rumours of Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston but not confirmed in time for me to add it so everyone could send in a prediction so those who sent in one just incase the match happened, the match wasn't counted. Anyway, onto the show, a match I wish I could of seen was the dark match as Sin Cara went over Tyson Kid. PPV Show opened with Randy Orton over CM Punk in a last man standing match.

Next came the first of the un-announced matches as Kofi Kingston beat Sheamus for the US title in a tables match. Jack Swagger & Michael Cole beat Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross in a country whipping match. Rey Mysterio went over Cody Rhodes in a falls count anywhere match. To what was a shock to me but not to some in the prediction league who watch the TV shows, Layla went over Michelle McCool which sent her packing from the Smack Down brand. The former Awesome Kong who will be known as Kharma in the WWE made her debut at the end of this match. The first of the main title matches was next, I got to see the end of this, Del Rio was just about to grab the world title in this ladder match when Edge came out in a 4x4 to distract him, this gave Christian the chance to topple the Mexican off the ladder and win the world title.

Next up was what I would called a 'filler' match, another un-announced one, tag team champions Kane & The Big Show went over IC Champion Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson in a lumberjack match, this was awful. Seems like they are going to go forward with the break up of Barrett & Jackson, will mean nothing as the CORRE & NEXUS have died a death, Jackson will be a strong babyface I believe. And now it was the only adverised match I got to see in full, this was the WWE title match with champion The Miz against his former partner John Morrison and John Cena in a triple threat cage match. Was a decent outing by all concerned, Morrison was 'taken out' the match by R-Truth which left it down to Miz and Cena, the latter hit an attitude adjustment from the middle rope to once again become the WWE champion. Many people will hate this but I am just glad it has been take off the Miz

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