Sunday 15 May 2011

TNA Sacrifice PPV Preview

Shane H from provides a preview of tonights TNA Sacrifice PPV.

TNA's brought on some big changes for their Thursday night show but that doesn't make Sacrifice seem extra special. The pay-per-view has matches that fall in the "I'm Supposed to Pay Money to See This?" category. Honestly, it might be a sacrifice of one's time to watch this show.

I'll expect that Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Ric Flair show up at some point or another on the show.

Robbie E. vs. Brian Kendrick

The only reason I know about this match is thanks to TNA's website. I haven't seen these two feud, heck, they have rarely been on television. After the X Division guys complained about not getting their chance to wrestle and now with the new mantra of "wrestling matters", this match was made to allow the guys to show off their talents. However, PPVs are supposed to be for those matches that we have been hoping to see for weeks. This match just doesn't do that. Let's just go with Kendrick for the win here since he was leading charge the other week for the X Division guys.

Predicted Winner: Brian Kendrick

Abyss vs. Crimson

Crimson has yet to be pinned since wrestling in TNA and Abyss is looking more demented with two missing teeth. In a perfect world, these two are going to be doing all they can to hurt each other and won't care about any rules. Here's to hoping that Samoa Joe doesn't interfere in this match since he's had some interaction with Crimson lately. I'll take Abyss using a weapon or something to get DQ'd.

Predicted Winner: Crimson via disqualification

Mexican America vs. Ink Inc.

I'm still confused at Shannon Moore's sudden change from nearly going heel to back to being a babyface. Sure, TNA could say that it's because he's standing up for America but TNA has yet to allow him to explain anything. Mexican America is still young in its life and they haven't looked extremely dominant. For that reason, they go over here. It also gets them more heat for "defeating the USA."

Predicted Winner: Mexican America

Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James © - TNA Knockouts Championship match (Tara's freedom on line)

If Rayne wins she wins the belt, if James wins Rayne must give Tara her freedom. After their minute-long match last month, why should anyone think James loses here? It's been building for a while that Rayne and Tara will split up and possibly lead to a feud. This finally comes to fruition here with James granting Tara her opportunity to get out from under Rayne's rule. I'm more concerned with how long this match lasts.

Predicted Winner: Mickie James

AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer

Are we having a flashback of what was just done last year? It wasn't too long ago that Styles and Dreamer clashed during the whole Fortune and EV2.0 affair. It wasn't all that great back then and I can't imagine it will be all that great now. I'm not so much upset about having to see these two wrestle but more so about the fact that it makes it seem like Styles is now more interested in getting back at Dreamer than at the man who nearly ended his career (Bully Ray). Dreamer isn't playing the heel here but as a man who is possibly doing what he has to do to take care of his family. Haven't we seen Dreamer play this role before? This role seems like the role Dreamer has played his entire career.

Predicted Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Max Buck vs. Kazarian © - X Division Championship match

See Robbie E. vs. Kendrick match up top. No build whatsoever (outside of Buck winning the Xscape match last month) and this one is actually for a title. We'll get the fast-paced action we come to expect from the X Division stars. This will probably open the show.

Predicted Winner: Kazarian

Matt Hardy and Chris Harris vs. Beer Money © - TNA Tag Team Championship match

This was billed as a dream tag match by TNA but if this is someone's dream, it's probably a nightmare. Harris came out on Thursday and it was a letdown. He has his history with James Storm but Harris looks like he's the one who is doing nothing but downing beers. We've heard talks of the Beer Money guys doing some more single stuff soon and I hope this isn't a match for them to lose the title before pursuing those dreams. If Harris stays around I can see TNA having him and Storm have a one-on-one feud.

Predicted Winner: Beer Money

Kurt Angle and Chyna vs. Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett

Well, thank God they went with Chyna instead of Isis the Amazon. Nothing on Isis but she is still green in the ring. Then again, Chyna isn't striking me as being that ring savvy right now either. Her intimidation right now might be the boob job she's sporting.

The Angle/Jarrett stuff have been the best stuff on TNA for a while now and I don't see a mixed tag match ending the feud. This will probably be a match with some comedy spots but decent wrestling. Good on TNA for bringing in past history with Chyna and Jeff but do all of their viewers know about that?

Predicted Winner: Kurt Angle and Chyna

Rob Van Dam vs. Sting - TNA World Heavyweight Championship match

This match can go either way due to who is waiting in the wing for the next title shot (Mr. Anderson). Sting's time with the belt is drawing to an end but does that end come this month or next? RVD still has the legitimate gripe that he never lost the belt and in a perfect world he would have regained the belt by now but we live not in a perfect world. Sting's matches when it comes to his current title run has been decent (except for that one) but nothing great. I expect the same here.

Predicted Winner: Sting

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