Monday 30 May 2011

Time Up For The Miz And Is Riley's Time Now?

It's no secret, I am not a fan of The Miz, and I was turned off him even more when he was catapaulted into the main event scene. They gave him the WWE title and he never really had a definative run with the strap. He got himself a LOT of fans on the internet, saying the fan has realised his dream, former star of reality TV first on MTV's The Real World and then WWE's Tough Enough. The Miz was bearable when he was with John Morrison in a tag team but after that, the singles push, starting with the US title run he just got on my nerves. I am a mark for Bryan Danielson so was annoyed the Miz played his mentor on season 1 of NXT. The Miz would return for season 2 of NXT where he linked up with Alex Riley, a cocky guy who had 'it'. The Miz won the Money in the Bank match at the first PPV of the same name on my birthday no doubt - July 18th. Marked like a byatch so to speak when Danielson took the US title off him but this was just the start for Miz. After WWE champion Randy Orton had beaten Wade Barrett on RAW on November 22 - Miz cashed in his MITB briefcase and became WWE champion. His reign was un-eventful but he did get a win over John Cena at Wrestle Mania XXVII thanks to The Rock. Eventually lost the strap to John Cena at the Extreme Rules PPV on May 1st in a 3 way cage match also involving his former partner Morrison. Lost to Cena in an 'I Quit' match at the Over The Limit PPV and the next night on RAW fired Riley from his 'personal services' contract. And on RAW, tonight Michael Cole called Riley out to apologise to Miz but Riley refused and Miz attacked him but was fended off by Riley and fled into the crowd.
Two things, this I hope will see The Miz taken away from the main even part of the card and after Riley wins his feud with Miz over the summer, he'll get a strap of some kind, maybe one of the second tier ones - US or IC before bigger and better things. You never know, if what I have predicted happens and Del Rio takes the WWE title off Cena somewhere down the line, Riley could be a future challenger. He is not quite ready yet but it'll be all about how the fans take to him, they did give him a baby face pop tonight but anyone who goes against The Miz would get that.
Time will tell.

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