Friday 1 February 2013

The Ups and Downs of WWE By Nick Mason

Over the past few months, the WWE have become more of a paperweight in the international wrestling industry. They were churning out pretty basic shows, without much of a surprising element and this seemed to frustrate many, both on Internet Forum sites and other valuable sources of fans.

WWE continue to push the so called top faces, when quite frankly, all they’re doing, is pushing them right down our throat, John Cena being the leader of the pack. John Cena is desperately In need of a heel turn, and I reckon this Wrestlemania will be a defining moment in the storylines and in his career as a wrestler.

It is widely known that John Cena is likely to face The Rock at Wrestlemania for the second time, this could be great opportunity for the creative staff over at the WWE to put him over either as a face or as a heel, this is because The Rock is generally loved by the most part of the WWE universe.

However, John Cena does deserve a title win, *Bites Tongue* 2 years without a sustainable title run for the companies so called ‘Top Face’ is completely stupid, this meaning that it was really written for him to once again retain at Wrestlemania, this again would anger a lot of the WWE universe, but it has to be done.

The Shield have been making the showings of Raw very entertaining, and even in stages helped build CM Punk as a top heel in the WWE. Developments on the last episode of raw finally revealed that Paul Heyman had paid both The Shield and Brad Maddox to aid CM Punk in winning the title, that had worked previously, but this time, thankfully, it didn’t. Vince added the ‘No-Shield’ stipulation to CM Punks match with The Rock at the Rumble, and obviously after a restart, The Rock proved victorious.

This past show has shown signs of massive development for the WWE, they finally tabled a huge rating, 3.6 to be exact. This was achieved due to a number of different things, the element of story lined surprise. As a fan, I really don’t expect the ratings to stay that high, I reckon they will drop again, which is always sad to see. Whilst in this high point, WWE need to build on what they have created with the signing of Brock Lesnar, and why he ‘Broke’ Vince’s pelvis, this is a building point.

The Fans need more surprises with the WWE, not the same old same old. Ratings will rise, audience will rise, but that is in their hands, not mine. Here’s to hoping they follow through and continue to deliver top shows like their last.
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Nick Mason


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