Sunday 20 November 2011

You cant see M… My heel turn By Azan Saigol

Tonight The Rock returns to wrestling after seven years. Tonight The Rock teams with John Cena for the first time. Tonight John Cena turns heel?

Yes, this question is asked every Sunday before a PPV. But tonight is better then ever. Think about it, it’s at BLOODY Madison Square Garden. Turning Cena would be HUGE. I mean look there is no way Rock and Cena can go into Mania as The crowd will not accept The Rock as a heel against Cena. Obviously babyface vs. babyface does not work. You want to tell me that it’s bad marketing. Well clearly you did not live through the Attitude Era. The nWo was a heel stable. They sold tons of shirts. When DX was a heel stable, they sold tons of shirts. When the Austin 3:16 shirt came out, and Stone Cold trashed the crowd on the mic, everybody was wearing his shirt. Why is WWE afraid to have this guy turn for the betterment of their overall product? By turning Cena heel, they're essentially turning him face since 75% of the crowd can't stand him now, anyway. His merch sales might actually go up.

Another reason for Cena’s Heel Turn:
You might have noticed for the past few weeks, the whole focus of this match has been on Cena and Rocky. What if this was done on purpose just to show how Cena would turn on Rocky? I mean he invites him to be his partner out of the blue, then screws him over at the most historical stadium. Think about it. Rock gets a beat down by Cena Miz and Truth. Okay, maybe that is thinking a bit too far. What if Rock and Cena win the match and at the end Cena attacks The Rock to end the PPV. Keep in mind that this is the Garden, and Vince is not sending the fans home without a “BANG”.

Well as far as im concerned. Tonight is going to be AWESOME. If I was you I would buy this PPV simply for the mainevent. Other than that, let’s see what happens. If Cena turns HEEL, well lets just say it will be another proud moment where I can tell the world why I love the WWE. And if not, atleast I got to see The Rock wrestler after seven years.

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