Friday 11 November 2011

Let Me Speak on This (11.11.11)

I've just finished listening back to the interview Steve Grieve and I conducted with Adam Cole on The Indy Corner live on Wednesday night over on the network. I don't want to go on about it too much but when doing the Indy Corner there is one particular listener who does nothing but hate, not so much Steve, TWS or the show but more so myself. I have no idea who it is because obviously they won't say who they are but I just want to know off other listeners what do they think of myself on the radio? I'm not trying to boost my ego I just want to know if radio shouldn't be my thing, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

The previous two interviews that have taken place on the Indy Corner with Homicide and Blk Jeez have been pre recorded and conducted by Steve on his own but this time around it was a live interview and Steve was a bit under the weather so I knew I was being thrown in at the deep end. Steve asked some questions before I got the chance to ask my own. It went OK, Adam Cole was awesome really but after listening back I need to be less excitable I think is the word but over all, I loved the interview.

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So onto other things, for the record the following was written by myself on

In a bit of a shock to me, Evan Bourne has been given a 30 day suspension for violating the WWE's wellness Policy. Bourne of course is the current Unified tag team champion along with Kofi Kingston. Not sure what will happen with the tag belts, ideally they should strip 'Air Boom' of the straps because like any wellness violation the WWE make it public and so should make it look like Bourne other than his suspension gets punished by being stripped of the title.

In other news, John Morrison finally gets a win on RAW. yes, after multiple weeks of jobbing out, JoMo seems to of turned a corner and many attribute this to the fact he has split up with his girlfriend Melina who got released by WWE on reportedly bad terms. We'll need to see what happens because with the news of Mick Foley returning there will even less time for the likes of Morrison on TV.

In closing, this weekend, CHIKARA Pro Wrestling have their first iPPV High Noon, is the place to go to order it.

One final plug, on November 25th FightClub: Pro have their final show of the year at The Planet in Wolverhampton, the show will feature Nigel McGuinness kicking off his UK stint on the first leg of what is being led to believe is his retirement tour.

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Until next time, this has been Stuart Rodgers

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