Sunday 13 November 2011

Remembering Eddie Guerrero By Azan Saigol

Today for many people is just another ordinary day. Many people are sitting at home enjoying their Sunday watching some TV. Some wrestling companies are putting on a PPV tonight, while another wrestling company just finished it’s tour in Europe. Today none of that matters to me as on this day just six years ago, November 13, 2005. The world lost one of the greatest person and wrestler Eddie Guerrero.

The first time I saw Eddie Guerrero was back 12 years ago on Nitro. At the time Eddie was upcoming and a great cruiserweight competitor in WcW. He was looking for an opportunity and waiting for his chance. Capturing many titles in WCW such as the cruiserweight belt. Eddie Guerrero has also held numerous championship belts in all of the organizations he wrestled in. How many people can say they did the same? He was extremely popular in the WWE including when he played the part of a heel.

Watching Eddie wrestle was one of the greatest things. I remember his match again JBL at Judgment day. Eddie put on one of the greatest performances of his life. No matter what kind of match Eddie was in he seemed to have that thing where you knew that regardless of his opponent Eddie would bring up the crowd and give one hell of a match. One popular thing he did that went along with his “ I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal” mantra was when he would wrestle in a match, he would take advantage of the referee being distracted. He would get a steal chair, slam it down on the mat and then toss it to his opponent. He would then lie down on the mat and pretend he was hit by the chair. The ref would turn around after hearing the banging noise; see Eddie on the mat and his opponent holding the steel chair. The referee would then think the opponent hit Guerrero with the chair and disqualify him, thereby causing Eddie to win the match.

One thing that Eddie Guerrero has taught me is to never give up. After Eddie’s relapse and getting released from the WWE for drug usage. He fought hard and returns just 14 months later and captured tag team and intercontinental gold within months of his return. I have watched WWE for many years, but as we all know it is suppose to be fake. One thing that I realized was the night I found out about Eddie’s death. I sat and got a bit emotional as I realized I was never going to see this guy on my TV screen on Monday nights from now. It was one of these moments that made me realize how true my passion for this sport is. After reading this article, I hope you all go on Youtube and watch one match of Eddie Guerrero’s so you can say what a great wrestler he was.

Eddie Guerrero wrestled in the ring like he lived his life. He was fast and wild. Ultimately it caught up with him and he paid the price for it. Fast living often results to a fast end. Eddie Guerrero was loved by all and was inducted into the WWE’s Hall of Fame in 2006, just months after his death. Long Live Eddie Guerrero. Viva La Raza.

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Let's all remember Eddie Guerrero for the great man and wrestler he was.

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