Monday 14 November 2011

Thankyou Mr. Cena By buzzUK

John Felix Anthony Cena, wrestler, actor, rapper and tv personality. The winner of 22 titles in his wrestling career,with world titles held in UPW, OVW but the mainstay of his career thus far is 19 titles in WWE 12 of which were World titles, with a record 10 times WWE champion. The fourth highest number of combines days as WWE champion behind the likes of Hulk Hogan.

However, despite all this glory and being WWE's main guy for some years now, just the mere mention of his name brings up such a mixed bag of responses like never before seen towards a WWE superstar. There are the kids and women and some guys who love Cena, he is the WWE to them, they won't say a bad word against him. John Cena's mentality of hustle, loyalty and respect is their mentality, they were their t-shirts, their caps and their wrist bands with pride.

Then however we have the other side of the coin, these are mainly the guys, they have a real dislike of this guy, they love to see him lose. I would imagine that most of what they would call him if asked direct is not possible to put in this column.

The question is, why? Why is their such a split down the middle of fans for this guy. I mean let's be honest here, he works his backside off to make every match a great match. In all the years of watching wrestling, I have never seen anything like it. I would not even compare it to the Rock, as when the whole "die rocky die" was going on, I very much doubt that he was the number one best seller of merchandise like Cena is.

John Cena is a freak of wrestling, he gets booed and cheered in the same match but despite that he is constantly in the main event picture, and in my opinion thereason for that is purely down to that very reason. He gets a reaction, love him or hate, cheer or boo, you are reacting and that is what WWE and Cena wants. It means one way or another he is doing his job, if your getting no reaction then it means the crowd don't care, your not over my friend.

That point alone brings me on to this whole turn Cena heel debate. Let me ask you guys reading this a question, why? Why turn Cena heel. To me it doesn't matter if he is heel or face, he is going out there and doing what he does. It's not a question of good or bad it's about getting the job done, and that what he does. He has the best of both worlds, the truth is and this is my opinion turning Cena heel is a pointless exercise and will achieve nothing.

I will be completely honest here, I am not a huge Cena fan, but then again I am not a massive fan of one individual wrestler, I am a wrestling fan and I love seeing different guys getting their chance at glory. That is my one gripe about Cena and I don't blame Cena personally at all, he isn't the one booking the matches, he is doing his job and putting on the best show he can.

Ask yourself this, if you were John Cena and you were in the main event picture or part of one of the biggest story lines at that point, would you turn around and say sorry but I would rather not do this let some one else do it. Cena is no different to that guy or women in offices around the world, who is the man that every one goes to, the top guy or gal and They will be no different to Cena they will do their job and keep taking the plaudits and accolades that comes with it.

John Cena is a product of a new world of wrestling, and a new world wrestling fan. If you love him then cheer for him, if you don't like him then boo him. Wrestling is all about reactions, putting on a good show and have the best match you possibly can. In that case I say Cena is doing exactly what he is supposed

If you don't agree with this then let me know @buzzuk ... Please be polite....

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