Sunday 6 November 2011

The TNA World Title - Some Observations

I was listening to the Still Real To Us podcast this past week and the host 'The Champ' Jeff Peck came up with a thought that Booby Roode even though he is facing AJ Styles at Turning Point is just holding the belt for one Jeff Hardy. The thought of Hardy getting the belt back after what happened with him at Victory Road in his match, and I use that term loosely, with Sting. It's well-known the problems Hardy has had, for me, all brought on by himself but either way, TNA using him is one thing but making him the world champion again is something totally different.

The world title situation in TNA is to be frank, a bit shit at the moment. Kurt Angle, a guy I like as a wrestler has really come to that point now where he really needs to 'hang them up'. He faced Roode at Bound For Glory and after an extensive build up with really good video packages for Roode, we thought, well I thought the strap would change hands but it didn't, there was somewhat of screwy finish so I thought this would lead to him getting a rematch with Angle but that didn't happen. Any followers of TNA or users of the news sites will know that the IMPACT tapings following BFG James Storm beat Angle in a really quick match to become the TNA champion. Roode as his friend and partner in Beer Money was happy for for him on the surface at least. Roode had a match on IMPACT beating Samoa Joe to become the number 1 contender for the TNA title and he went on to beat Storm for the title while turning heel in the process. As stated earlier, AJ Styles is booked to face Roode at Turning Point but on a side note, he got injured at a house show this past Friday night but hopefully will be fit for the PPV.

Now, back to the matter at hand, could TNA really be considering putting the strap back on Hardy? I think TNA look at Hardy as the real big draw in the company, they
think if anyone can but asses in the seats it's him and we know he is the biggest seller of merchandise in the company, well he was before this latest bout of trouble at least. I personally think it's a real bad idea to give it back to Hardy but I suppose they will have to live by whatever decision they make.

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