Wednesday 9 November 2011

Vince, what's Going On? By BuzzUK

Has Vince McMahon hit the nail on the head by insisting that no one use the wrestling word, and should we all just call it sports entertainment.

I think this is a fair enough question when all the TV shows we watch, whether RAW, Smack Down or even IMPACT. We are getting less and less wrestling on our TV. Every week there are those out there who watch the whole show through and make note of how much actual wrestling takes place. With out any actual data, but purely based on what I have seen over the weeks, I make it about an average of 40 minutes wrestling on 2 hour TV shows.

This can't be right can it, I mean do we really tune in week in week out and only get only 1/3rd of a show. Now don't get me wrong I appreciate a decent segment or skit like anyone else, but when it is taking over I have to say enough is enough.

I mean this coming week is a prime example, I will not be surprised if we have the least amount of wrestling in weeks, as we have the king of the segment The Rock back on our screens, a rumoured appearance by Mick Foley, Kevin Nash will take us back to the 1990's with another droning promo that adds nothing.

I guess that's why Vince wants us to call it sports entertainment, maybe we all had it wrong in the first place. We expected wrestling on a wrestling show, so stupid of us. I mean hell they can't even call themselves wrestlers any more.

I want to turn in to a TV show and not spend half of it, fast forwarding through things like Michael Cole and JR in some stupid adds no value skit. If you want Cole to be something else, make him something else, you want JR commentating then put him there. Don't waste your viewers time with such pointless things and expect them to keep tuning in.

This continual push away from actually put wrestling matches on TV outside of PPV is just bad business. You want viewing figures up, then it's quite simple:

1) Don't put the Muppets on wrestling
2) Don't mess with tradition, put your major segment first and get in to the
3) Put something that people care about, not cole and jr...
4) Give us some real commentary, it can make a match.. Watch Undertaker vs. HHH at
Wrestle Mania and listen to JR
5) Give the Mid card guys something to aim for, that way matches mean something

Other than that quite simply put.... WE WANT WRESTLING???

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