Sunday 9 October 2011

We Got Two Words For Ya: BYE-BYE with Azan Saigol

This past week on Monday Night Raw, we saw the aftermath from the Hell in a cell ppv. We saw Santino return, a 12 man tag match, but most importantly we saw Triple H the COO get a no vote of confidence. . Laurinaitis reminds HHH that he punched him last night during all of the chaos. Laurinaitis says the locker room is in an uproar and Triple H needs to ask them how they think he's doing his job. Laurinaitis asks if Triple H can look the talents in the eye and hear their answers. Laurinaitis asks if Triple H is scared. Triple H grabs him by his tie and tells him to get everyone in the ring, and to make sure he's there too. Now we head down to the ring, Raw and Smack Down heels & faces, divas and referees, all head down to the ring. We then see the COO walk down to the ring. He reminds everyone how he is doing everything for the fans. What I liked here was how Barret was the first one to speak up just to have The Game shut him up by telling him that a year ago he tried to take down the WWE. I loved seeing the referees speaking up. Mike Chioda speaking and really showing some sincerity was a nice touch. They really try to hide referees most of the time, but they are employees. It was different and added another dimension to how much this "seemed real." Jerry Lawler’s speech was excellent, because he reminded everyone of CM punk’s argument to the fact that someone doesn’t like HHH running the show. This leads us to think that someone was the same person who let Truth/Miz into the building and lowered the cell. They showed the cameramen walk off, the announcers, the referees and all of the superstars. The thing that made it seem real was the fact they showed the cameramen put their cameras down and walk off. Last but not least they had Jim Ross walk off. This showed how JR was brought back by HHH walked out as well.

Now with this all taking place the question that comes to mind is what will happen next week?

3 questions come to mind

1. Will the superstars refuse to perform?
2. Will HHH resign
3. Do we see the return of Vince?

Now this is what I am looking forward to next week on Monday night. This article was basically to show you what I felt off this past Monday. I loved it and I am excited for next week.

If you have any comments or suggestion to what will happen next week, get back to me on my twitter @azansaigol

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