Friday 14 October 2011

I'll Moan if I Want with Matthew 'Buzz' Burrows

I have a question, do wrestling fans have the same course for complaining as
sports fans do. If your a Man Utd fan you can complain the team didn't play well
or the tactics used by the New England Patriots just weren't right or David Haye
boxed terribly.

These sports are all with in the control of the individual's and fans spend a lot of money attending these events, buying merchandise so they have the right to complain. They have the right to go on phone in shows and slag of the guy in charge or star player. However put that over to wrestling fans, do we have as much right to complain.

We as wrestling fans pay for merchandise, buy PPV's and spend money to get sports channels to see these shows just like any other sports fans. However this is an industry where the favourites are selected, the results are pre-determined and the story lines are written in advance.

At what point does the right to complain stop, I mean sure complain about a match or how a wrestler performs is no different to any other sports fan. But unlike any other sport we have story lines and promos, do we have the right to complain about these. Or is it part and parcel of wrestling nowadays that we as the people paying their wages can complain about what ever the hell we like. If we didn't have views or opinions about the industry as whole we wouldn't have websites like this one or online wrestling shows like The Total Wrestling Show.

So in my opinion if I am forking out this amount of money I will moan and
complain about what I like. I'm a wrestling fan if I'm not happy about a
storyline or who is winning or who is champion then that's my right.

What are your thoughts?

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