Monday 17 October 2011

Austin's Comeback - Against Who?

I have been talking for a while now about Steve Austin maybe making a comeback and probably for just one match at Wrestle Mania. Now, going by what has been happening on the social networking site called twitter, it looked like Austin, if he returned would probably facing CM Punk, who as we all know had a great couple of months but has now gone off the boil, nothing to do with him or his talent but just the way he has been booked. The WWE gave him the platform to do his thing, and the "smart" fans on the internet were wowed by what Punk was doing, myself included but as stated, WWE have seemed to have lost faith in Punk in the character he was portraying with his 'pipe bombs' etc. He is still being featured in the main events in a team of sorts with Triple H.

Now, the reason I decided to do this article was I have been hearing recently that if Brock Lesnar finishes up with the UFC after his next fight, he may be brought back to the WWE and may face Austin at Wrestle Mania. To be fair, this WM probably is too soon but 2013 could be too late. I personally hope it will be still Punk but we don't usually get what we want.

If Lesnar is coming back to the WWE I am looking forward to it, and it would make me interested in the product and if he didn't face Austin at WM could he actually face The Undertaker after all they did have that 'incident' at a UFC PPV.

Any thoughts, let me know, either below this article or on twitter @WLHSTU

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