Sunday 23 October 2011

Quick Review: Dragon Gate UK- Shingo vs Yokosuka 3 (22/10/2011) By Shaun Nichols

Crowd was probably approx 650-700 and was generally good. With some decent chants and the usual shit ones.

BxB Hulk defeated Lion Kid in the opener, I was sitting 2nd row and can tell you that Lion Kid works very light and it's also very strange that he's over to the extent that he is. Hulk saw this as a night off I think. Usual mix of kicks from Hulk and the odd dive from Lion Kid. Some saw this as a breakout performance from Lion Kid, think that's either optimistic or they think he's particularly useless. Average fare **1/4

Akira Tozawa beat Naoki Tanazaki, this was supposed to be a 3 way featuring Gamma but Gamma was revealed as CIMA's mystery tag partner at the earlier press conference so this was switched to a standard singles match which I for one was happy about it. Both guys are in Blood Warriors stable but Tanazaki slapped him so Tozawa went temporary babyface. Tanazaki was a lot of fun as the dastardly heel, doing lots of cheap tactics and distracting the referee. He also got the standard UK chant of 'You're a Pussy' in which he shrugged and said he didn't understand, I LOL'd. Tozawa's offence is very fan friendly and we got the usual 2 consecutive dives to the floor which got a great reaction. Tozawa won with his delayed everest german suplex, after the match the fans were still chanting his name Tozawa decided it was time to announce that he no longer liked the UK. We didn't care, match was fun. ***1/2

Masato Yoshino defeated Naruki Doi, I had high expectations for this but they were not met. That's not to say it wasn't a good match but this a re-match from the main event of Final Gate 2010 and I was a bit underwhelmed. We did get most of the big moves, Yoshino did his missile dropkick, slingblade, lightning spiral and finally on the third attempt secured a submission win with Soi Naciente. Doi who actually looks more suited to being a heel used among other things Doi Fives and the great sliding bakatare kick. ***

CIMA & Gamma beat Marty Scurll & Mark Haskins, Haskins it appears is now starting a transformation into Chris Hero. Fans had fun reminding CIMA that upto now he's the owner of 0-4 record in the UK. Both Haskins and Scurll were working a lot lighter than everyone else so it appears to be a UK thing. This again wasn't quite as good as I expected and Scurll didn't have the best of nights. Gamma is one of those guys that either people love or they don't understand his appeal at all. He did his spitting spots and used his singapore cane all in front of the referee. Quite a few of the fans were expecting a DQ but they are standard Gamma spots in Dragon Gate that you expect to see. The UK team did dominate the majority of this which gave the result away. CIMA picked up the win with meteora on Scurll, the rest of Blood Warriors came out to celebrate the win and also to attack Gamma who is actually in Junction 3. Yoshino, Scurll & Haskins made the save. **3/4

PAC defeated Dragon Kid to retain the Open the Brave Gate title, due to transportation issues the title wasn't actually there. This led to a 'Fuck BA' chant, well it makes a change from random 'Fuck TNA' chants. We didn't get confirmation that it was a British Airways flight by the way. Fans obviously were loving PAC although his change in physique didn't go un-noticed with some 'Pac Lesner' chants. PAC dominated the majority of this although Dragon Kid did get his moments as well though they didn't last that long. Highlight was PAC landing on his feet after Dragon attempted a reverse huracanrana, PAC then went went for a release german suplex but Dragon landed on his feet before hitting PAC with a DDT. PAC secured his 10th successful defence by hitting Dragon with a 360 splash. ****

Shingo beat Susumu Yokosuka in the main event, after their two previous UK matches the fans were expecting to see something very special they were not disappointed. Out of everything this match was worked in very tight and well structured manner, both guys had long periods where they were in control. Yokosuka working on the knees of Shingo, Shingo in returned attacked the right arm. Not many big moves in the opening 15 minutes but because everything looked good they never lost the fans. We got the Yokosuka zombie spot which is basically him refusing to sell his opponent's offence. Fans for some reason did duelling 'Let's go Shingo' chants not understanding they were cheering for the same guy. Last five minutes was awesome, lots of big moves and great false finishes with Yokosuka hitting his finisher which is a stiff lariat and Shingo responded with his Made in Japan in which he hit twice for a ridiculous two count. Literally everyone was standing for the kick out. Shingo was not to be denied and finally got the win with the Last Falconry. ****1/2

Personally I thought the first DG: UK show in Oxford 2009 was a better show overall. Before the final two matches this a show that was not setting my world on fire but the final matches easily meant that was a thumbs up show. I also think that the main event was better than anything on the NOAH show from Wolverhampton back in May.

EDIT: Results from Night 3 thanks to @daftpenguin on twitter

1. GAMMA over Mad Man Manson
2. CIMA over Lion Kid
3. Dragon Kid & Yoshino over Joey Hayes & Martin Kirby and BxB Hulk & Tanizaki in a 3 way
4. Akira Tozawa over Marty Scurll
5. PAC over Susumu Yokosuka
6. Shingo over Mark Haskins

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