Friday 14 October 2011

TNA - Heading For Bigger & Better Things With Dave Lagana?

The news has broke that former WWE creative writer Dave Lagana who was most recently working with ROH has signed with TNA as Director of Creative Writing. Dave runs the very successful website and the podcast show under the same name.

I am not going to lie, Dave and myself have had some disagreements on twitter because of me being silly to be honest but I am glad Dave has this opportunity not just for himself but for TNA and hopefully it's growth. We all know the Florida based promotion is behind the WWE in popularity in the US at least and so, maybe with Bruce Prichard taking over from Vince Russo as head writer and with the addition of Lagana, things could be looking up for TNA. I am told the last few weeks of the TNA IMPACT Wrestling show has been very good, I am a bit behind myself but I usually catch the PPV's without fail and the next PPV which is this Sunday - Bound For Glory looks like it could be very good and I really hope it is.

In closing, not sure if Dave will read this or not but I want to wish all the very best in his new venture with TNA.

How this will affect ROH I don't know, but they have have suffered losses before and survived so I am sure they will survive again.

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