Friday 7 October 2011

I Have A Question. By Jimi James

On October 15th, Awesome Wrestling Entertainment is having a Pay Per View. The Main Event of this Pay Per View is the Rock 'n Roll Express vs. a "fired" WWE superstar and a mystery partner. That "fired" WWE superstar is, Kevin Nash.

I heard this news the week before Hell in a Cell. At that time I had angry thoughts of Nash and Triple H capitalizing on the great "Summer of Punk" idea to further their storyline and bury Punk. But as time went by and I thought about it, my anger turned to curiosity.

I wanted to wait to write this piece until after Hell in a Cell and the following nights Raw. I wanted to see how this would all play out to set up Survivor Series. Only thing is, Nash was not present at either.

My prediction for Hell in a Cell was that Nash would interfere in the WWE title
Cell match. Maybe come up through the ring ala the Undertaker. Instead, Nash was not present for either broadcast. Nor was his name even mentioned by commentary. Now, I realize Nash was "fired", but Punk lost to Del Rio at Summerslam somehow, so why wouldn't he be mentioned at least once. Also, Miz and R-Truth were "fired", but they have still shown up on TV.

So is Nash really fired? From a business standpoint, I can't understand why WWE
would let one of their talent work another company's Pay Per View. Especially since that talent was not cleared medically to work a WWE PPV event. Daniel Bryan worked indy events while he was "fired" last year, but not Pay Per Views.

Another thing that stood out to me was who runs Awesome Wrestling Entertainment. AWE is run by Marvin Ward, who is a former pro wrestler and is the listed promoter for the October 15th event. The other person, more importantly, involved with AWE is Dave Hebner. Hebner is a former WWE referee and twin brother of current TNA referee, Earl Hebner. Hebner left WWE on bad terms. Which is why I question Nash working this event if he is a contracted WWE talent.

In researching AWE, I found out that Kevin Nash has ties to the organization. He knows both Hebner's from WWE and TNA. AWE has a roster of legends who all should have prior dealings with Nash. AWE's website hinted that Nash's mystery partner might be Diamond Dallas Page. Also while researching, I found video that shows that Nash helps AWE by tutoring students at the AWE school.

I thought maybe Kevin Nash working this event would be to prove that he is healthy enough to work a match for Survivor Series. But, why would WWE want Nash to work an advertised Pay Per View instead of working him out at FCW or even in the seclusion of Titan Towers in Stamford?

In my opinion, Nash coming back for an appearance at Survivor Series is not that
big a deal. For example, if Nash is a part of an event that features John Cena teaming with the Rock, will anyone be talking about Nash on Monday? Unless they set him on fire, I highly doubt it.

I might be making a bigger deal out of this than it might actually be. Whether Nash returns to WWE or not, it won't phase me or really make a difference in how this whole storyline turns out. But I find it funny that when Nash came back at Summer Slam, I actually thought he would be the Anonymous Raw General Manager. Instead he was never named as the GM, but he might suffer the same fate as the GM, to be forgotten about and never be mentioned again. So of all the questions being asked in WWE these days, I stumbled upon one more. I just hope we start getting answers soon.

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