Friday 21 December 2012

The Indy Corner Awards - The Results

Here we are guys, I hope you heard them announced on the actual show but if you didn't here are the awards as voted by the listeners of the show. Just to clarify, the US people that voted didn't vote on the UK categories because the product isn't easy for them to see, yes there are DVD's available of many of the promotions, not all but most but that's how it is. Also, there were some guys from the UK who didn't vote in the US categories so it's swings and roundabouts and there was one UK guy who voted on the US indies but not the UK ones as he wasn't too familiar with what's going on.

There were some surprises for me but some obvious ones which I agreed with. So without further ado here you go, once again, thanks to all those who voted.

1. US Indy Wrestler of The year

1. Kevin Steen
2. El Generico
3. Adam Cole

2. US Indy Tag Team of The Year

1. The Young Bucks
2. Super Smash Brothers
3. The Briscoe

3. US Indy Match of The Year

1. Davey Richards vs Michael Elgin (ROH Showdown In The Sun)
2. Super Smash Brothers vs. The Young Bucks (PWG Threemendous)
3. No clear

4. US Indy Show of The Year

1. PWG Threemendous
2. PWG DDT 4
3. No Clear

5. US Indy Promotion of The Year

1. PWG
3. ROH & DGUSA (tie)

6. US Indy Moment of The Year

1. Kevin Steen winning ROH title
2. Kevin Steen getting Generico's mask in a box
3. The demise of Team Ambition

7. UK Indy Wrestler of The year

1. Noam Dar
2. Kris Travis/MK McKinnan /Jack Gallagher (tie)

8. UK Indy Tag Team of The Year

1. The Hunter Brothers
2. The Predators/Project Ego/The Models (tie)

9. UK Indy Match of The Year

1. Akira Tozawa vs El Ligero (PCW Guild Wars)
2. Jack Gallagher vs Davey Richards (FutureShock Super Show)
3. No Clear

10. UK Indy Show of The Year

1. FutureShock Super Show
2. IPW-UK Revolution/SouthSide Supremacy (tie)

11. UK Indy Promotion of The Year

1. Fight Club PRO
2. Preston City Wrestling
3. FutureShock/Progress (tie)

12. UK Indy Moment of The Year

There was no clear frontrunner for this but some of the ones mentioned were:-

Bubblegum selling the PCW title to Cash Converters (Video above)
The Davey Richards/FutureShock 'screwjob'
The IPW-UK split which also gave us the birth of Revolution Pro
The rise of Fight Club Pro

13. Indy Corner Interview of The Year

1. Steve Corino
2. Davey Richards/Fergal Devitt/Mad Man Manson/Chris Brookes (4 way tie)

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