Sunday 21 October 2012

Revolution Pro Wrestling Uprising - Night 2 Review By Charman Morris

Sunday 14th October 2012

Swallows Leisure Centre, Sittingbourne

Following the split of Daniel Elder and Andrew Quildan's working relationship last month, I was intrigued to see what Revolution Pro Wrestling was going to bring to the table of UK wrestling. The show announcements and appearance of Jerry Lynn on both nights showed real promise and gathered a lot of excitement from the IWC. However in the week leading up to the event, an injury to Sami Callihan, along with the withdrawal of TNA British Bootcamp participants Marty Scurll and Rockstar Spud created a lot of last minute changes to the weekends match ups. Initially I was really disappointed that I wasn't going to see Rockstar Spud vs Jerry Lynn as initially advertised, but when it was announced that Noam Dar was going to step up and take that match, I was really eager to see it. Thankfully all the changes didn't affect the quality of the show as a whole.

Swallows Leisure Centre is a nice cosy venue, and created a good atmosphere. However the PA system was fuzzy, leading to the crowd not being able to hear the announcements properly.

Six Man Tag Mark Haskins & Project Ego (Martin Kirby and Kris Travis) vs Lion Kid, El Ligero and 'The Future' MK Mckinnan

Haskins came out first and cut a promo demanding that he be put into the British title picture, as he had beaten Jerry Lynn, and any other competitor they put in front of him, and yet he never gets a main event slot. He demanded that Quinlan give him that opportunity, which was not taken up.

The team of McKinnan, Ligero and Lion Kid had the early advantage, clearing the ring of Project Ego and Haskins. Once the match settled, the heel team were soon on top, culminating with Project Ego taunting Lion Kid with a piece of string, in order to distract him. That only worked for a couple of minutes before Lion Kid taking both Kirby and Travis on with powerful kicks and punches. Travis soon had enough of Lion Kid and went to the back, leaving it as a 2 on 3 handicap match. El Ligero took advantage of the numbers game, hitting a hurricanrana on Kirby. Several quick tags in for McKinnan and Lion Kid on Kirby, showing that they were taking no chances over Travis not being at ringside. Travis made a surprise return in a monkey onesie, declaring he was king of the jungle, and came back to join the match. Oh so funny! Travis tags in, acting the chimp all over the ring, and giving a monkey flip to McKinnan. Kirby was tagged in and Project Ego double teamed McKinnan. Haskins then tagged himself in and went for a pin, only getting 2. Kirby tagged back in taking McKinnan to the top rope for a big suplex, but still not managing to finish off the match, only getting a 2. MK finally managed to get into his corner, tagging in Lion Kid, who cleared the ring for a short while, before being overpowered and triple teamed by Haskins and Project Ego. El Ligero finally got into the ring, gained the upper hand, and then everyone got involved. Ligero and Lion Kid somersaulting onto Haskins and Kirby outside the ring, while McKinnan took on Travis, hitting the Shining Wizard, only for Haskins to break up the count. McKinnan was then pinned, for Lion Kid to break up the count. Project Ego got involved, performing the famous Hart Attack on Lion Kid, but only got the 2 count with El Ligero breaking it up. Haskins and El Ligero were both tagged in and soon after Haskins hits El Ligero with the Made In Japan finisher for the win

Winners: Mark Haskins and Project Ego

A great match with a lot of action and some brilliant comic moments, and good to see MK McKinnan back in action after his shoulder injury at Fight Club Pro's 3rd Anniversary show last month.

It was announced that on December 2nd, Project Ego would defend their tag team titles against the reforming 'Leaders of the New School' Zac k Sabre Jr and Marty Scurrll

T-Bone vs Terry Frazier

I was expecting a fairly quick match from this, as T-Bone outweighs and out muscles Frazier but quite a considerable margin. However the fan favourite Frazier really took it to T-Bone, and again the action went outside the ring. T-Bone gained advantage, hitting a back breaker into a suplex combination and throwing Terry Frazier back into the ring. T-Bone has the upper hand in this match, but the tide turns when he misses a top rope knee drop. He regains control, hitting Frazier with a top rope suplex taking a lot out of both wrestlers. T-Bone goes for the pin, but Frazier manages to get to the ropes to break up the count at 2. Frazier somehow manages to get back into the match, and lifts up T-Bone and give him a Rock Bottom for the win, although T-Bone's shoulders weren't fully on the mat

Winner: Terry Frazier

Andy Boy Simmonds interrupts Frazier's celebrations and announces that he was the new Executive Assistant to…Big Van Walter!!

Big Van Walter enters the ring, delivers a thunderous chokeslam on Frazier. Just as he's about to hit a powerbomb, the familiar 'OLE! OLE! OLE! OLE!' music hit, and then appears El Generico!

Big Van Walter vs El Generico

El Generico takes BVW on with lots of kicks, punches and chops. He gets Walter into the corner, and hits him with more chops and a dropkick, but Walter catches Generico with a slam and starts to gain advantage, choking Generico. When Generico comes back into the match, they have an exchange of massive chops. Generico then tries to take Walter off his feet with a series of clotheslines, and finally succeeds, then goes to the top rope for a somersault. However BVW catches Generico and gives him a power bomb for a near fall. He also scores a couple more 2 counts after another power slam and a massive clothesline. Generico gets back into the match with his own near fall, using his kicking strength to take it to Walter. However, Big Van Walter regains control, hitting Generico with a spin suplex for 2, and then finally putting Generico away with his evil powerbomb. A great 10 minute match.

Winner: Big Van Walter

Walter tries to continue beating on El Generico, only to be saved by 'Big Bad' Dave Mastiff! He cleared Walter out of the ring, took the mic and proclaimed he would be the next British Champion

* Interval*

The Hooligans vs London Riots

The referee didn't even have time to ring the bell, as the action kicked off straight away. This was an all out brawl, with most of the fight being out of the ring, and in the crowd. At one point The Hooligans threw a pint all over the Riots (and most of the audience nearby too!) A lot of slams onto the floor and being thrown into the wall. Roy Knight hit a beautiful flying elbow off a chair onto the merch table, but it didn't break!! So he went through it again, still no breaking of the table! Zak also took a Michinoku Driver which looked absolutely evil! Roy placed James on a chair on the outside, and jumped off the ring with an elbow drop onto the chair, ridiculous! When the match finally gets into the ring, The Hooligans are on top, with flying headbutts and even a 'Whassup!' on The Riots. But in a surprise move, Roy gets smashed over the head with a hubcap and The Riots steal a win

Winners : London Riots

That was an absolutely mental match, if you can call it that. So much going on around the ring, I missed a load of it from not knowing where to look! There was barely any wrestling, it was brutal. I loved it! Really picked up the crowd after the interval

Co Main Event Undisputed British Championship Match 'Big Bad' Dave Mastiff vs Sha Samuels

I totally forgot that as this was a family show, I could not get away with chanting B*STARD at Dave Mastiff for too long. So I settled down to one of my personal highlights of this card. Samuels and Mastiff have had some decent matches in the past, and this was no exception

Sha Samuels really took it to Mastiff in the early part of the match, but Mastiff soon fights back. 'Big Dave' gives Samuels a big power slam and then a knee drop for the 2 count. Mastiff then hits a running clothesline for another near fall, and in an act of desperation, Samuels manages to give Mastiff a DDT, also for the 2 count. Mastiff gets back up, hits a belly to back suplex on Samuels, putting him in the corner, and going for the running thunderbomb. As the ref goes for the 3 count, T-Bone appears, and pulls the ref out of the ring, to a mass chorus of boos. While the ref is out of the of ring, T-Bone gets involved with the match. T-Bone shows a great feat of strength picking up Mastiff and slamming him. However Big Dave managed to get the upper hand on T-Bone and taking him out. The ref then notices the extra man. While the ref is distracted with T-Bone Samuels picks up his title belt and smashed Mastiff in the head with it. T-Bone drags the ref back in the ring to make the count, but Big Dave still kicks out at 2 and a half! After a couple more pin attempts and kick outs from Dave, Samuels managed to have enough in the tank to slam Mastiff and get the clean pin.

Winner and STILL Champion: Sha Samuels (with liberal interference from T-Bone)

This match was damn impressive, and really cemented Sha Samuels as a credible champion. However, I do wonder where the title picture does go from here. With Kincaide out injured still, there doesn't seem to be a queue of credible contenders for Samuel's title

Co Main Event - 'International Dream Match' Noam Dar vs Jerry Lynn

First a handshake and several wrestling holds into this, Dar is being taken to school by Jerry Lynn.

A nice chant went round for Jerry, who told the fans it's a family show, so can the words be changed to suit! Soon a 'Mess him up Jerry, mess him up!' chant went around the audience, to Lynn's approval

After some more wrestling 101 moves from Jerry Lynn, Dar soon shows his true colours, gets frustrated and leaves the ring to some boos. Lynn holds the ropes for Dar to come back and continue the match. Lynn soon gets the upper hand, and gets Dar into the surfboard. Dar somehow reverses this for the 2 count. He then throws Jerry to the outside, and while going out to inflict more damage onto Lynn, spams a kid in the audience, to some heel heat. Once the action gets back into the ring, Dar superkicks Lynn for another 2 count. He then targets Lynn's left leg, jumping on it and putting it in a leg bar. Somehow Lynn manages to get out of this and reverses into the figure four leg lock to a round of WHOOs from the crowd. Dar gets out of this submission hold and hits a beautiful fisherman suplex for the near fall. Frustrated with the 2 count, Dar throws Jerry into the corner. Lynn avoids the run in, jumps onto the turnbuckle and over Dar into a roll up and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Jerry Lynn

After the match, Noam took to the microphone and thanked Jerry for the opportunity to wrestle him in his last showing in the UK. When Lynn went to take the mic, Dar slapped it out of his hand, and Jerry Lynn responded by giving Dar a now rarely performed cradle piledriver

There was a standing ovation for the last UK showing of Jerry Lynn, and a genuinely emotional and heartfelt speech from him thanking the British fans for always making him feel welcome when he comes here

All in all, I really enjoyed this show. I got to meet Mark Haskins, El Generico and Jerry Lynn, all of whom were really good to chat to. I have high hopes for the next Sittingbourne show as Colt Cabana and Michael Elgin were announced for the December 2nd event.

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