Monday 8 October 2012

Creative Changes At ROH with Stuart Rodgers

(Left: Here we have Delerious)

It has been reported that there have been some changes in the creative department of Ring Of Honor. Out goes Jim Cornette, who will remain with the company in another capacity and in steps.. well no one, Delirious (Hunter Johnston) who was working with Cornette since Adam Pearce was released will now take full control of the booking.

Everyone knows, I’m a big ROH fan, have been since the first show, some of their better wrestlers have moved on to pastures new, we all know who they are so I don’t need to go on and tell you but the talent they have left, really do they have enough to keep the fans they still have happy and probably more importantly, the fans that went away because of the disappointment of the product etc?

Not taking anything away from the roster they have now which includes Adam Cole, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Kevin Steen some really good talents but then in saying that, they also let some good talent go in my opinion anyway, with TJ Perkins and more notably – The Young Bucks recently.

I’m a big fan of The Bucks as listeners of The Indy Corner will know and thought things were bad enough but then when it was announced they were released I really got annoyed.

In closing, I’ll have to give the guys a chance, I really hope they can turn things around, please us fans that still watch and maybe just maybe they can put out a good enough product that those fans who turned away from ROH actually come back.

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