Sunday 4 December 2011

Let Me Speak On This - with WLHSTU (4/12/11)

Just a few things I want to write about this week, hope you enjoy.

Getting Over: A Discussion

I recently had a discussion with a friend on the wonderful world of twitter about the term 'getting over' in wrestling. He seems to think that to get over means you have to draw money either by people buying tickets or PPV for a show you're on. I however think if the crowd pops for you when you come out or the fans chant your name even when your not in the ring then I take that as being over.

Someone who gets both of the latter is Zack Ryder, now I can honestly say I have never watch one of his YouTube shows but I always hear Ryder used it to get himself over so the crowd does pop for him and as the recent Survivor Series showed, his name was chanted when he wasn't in the ring and so weather I or the 'smart' fans are not a fan of him the guy is over.

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New Scene Wrestling

Onto other things, UK wrestling has had a good year in 2011 and I hope for great things in 2012, the year was going to start off with a bang right here in my home city of Birmingham as New Scene Wrestling had advertised a show for Jan 1st that would feature current ROH champion Davey Richards against his American Wolves partner Eddie Edwards however, it was announced Richards would be unable to attend probably because NJPW would want homing Japan ready for the Jan 4th Tokyo Dome show but that's just me speculating. Anyway, after a tag team from WXW in Germany also cancelled NSW made the decision to cancel the whole show and to be fair, I think was the best idea. Not wanting to let the fans down they have announced their next show in early Feb in Birmingham once again and the first match announced features three top British workers those being Zack Sabre Jr. Joel Redman and my personal favourite MK McKinnan. I look forward to further announcements for the show but I know for sure, with that match there, I'll be at the show.

The Indy Corner - What's Happening is.....

To close, anyone wondering where The Indy Corner radio show is, I heard myself on the Total Wrestling Show today, like all the other listeners, Indy Corner is coming back in the new year. Annoyed myself really as Ring of Honor has their biggest show of the year coming up and I'll not be able to discuss this on air. These things are out of my hands to be honest, sorry to anyone who misses the show.

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