Saturday 17 December 2011

WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs PPV Preview By Azan Saigol

Tables Ladders and … Controversy
Well its time again for another PPV. Time for some speculation, excitement and another potential plead for Mr. Cena to turn HEEL. Yeah, that’s not happening. But what is happening is .. KANE COMING BACK WITH A MASK OMGGGGGGGG.
Yes, that was the twelve year old me shitting my pants when I saw kane on raw with a mask, a glove and his attire that actually covers his man boobs. Anyways so lets start of this preview. First match we have is TLC Match for the WWE Championship: Champion CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz
The WWE Championship will be hanging from the ceiling. The first man to climb the ladder and gain possession of the title will walk out of this match as the WWE Champion. So really for me this PPV is a test by WWE to see if Punk can actually draw a crowd. To start off were going to see Del Rio and Miz team on Punk until they both realize they want the belt. I’m hoping there’s going to be some crazy high spots. Overall I think the ending will be Miz and Del Rio getting thrown of a ladder and crashing on two tables.
Winner: Cm Punk.
Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Mark Henry vs. Big Show. So this is the second main event, quite frankly I’m getting tired of watching Big show and Mark Henry. All I’m hoping for in this match is for Big Show to take the world championship. OH and KANE!... If Kane is to make an appearance it should be here. Now if Henry retains the title then probably it’s going to end up as a double disqualification with Kane interfering and destroying both Henry and Kane showing how powerful he truly is.
Winner: Big Show/ double DQ.
Sledgehammer Ladder Match: Triple H vs. Kevin Nash.  In the '90s, both men were part of the Cliq, a very powerful backstage faction in the WWE. When Kevin Nash returned earlier this year, Triple H was the COO of the company. Kevin thought that his friend would give him opportunities but was angry when he HHH only signed him to a legends contract, so he took him out. Well honestly I don’t think Nash can keep up with HHH in the ring. Watching Kevin Nash's first official match against Santino was entertaining until Kevin tried his signature move. It was painful to watch because Nash is not the wrestler he once was and his finisher was not as strong as it used to be. I think Triple H will take this one clean. However if they want to prolong this, then there could be a swerve here. I’m wondering what it is though. Nonetheless, I’m happy for Kevin Nash (yes, I’m a big mark).
Winner: Triple H
US Championship: Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder. This match has been talked about for over a month now. Ryder vs Ziggler I cant wait BRO! After reading some dirt sheets it’s reported that Cena will be guest Referee, well if that is the case here’s how I think it’s going to go down. Since Cena really has no match, he's probably going to be the referee. Zack will probably lose to Ziggler due to a roll up pin or argument between Cena and Dolph. Next thing you see Ryder getting all pissed that Cena cost him the match and BAM attitude adjustment on Ryder. Cena gets all the heat. This is the Perfect way to start the “Cena vs The Fans” Feud.
Tables Match: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett. This feud has been going on for a while on both Raw and Smack down. I think its given enough “Air” time, and I personally feel as if the ending to this fued should take place in a table’s match. You’re going to get your typical finish with Orton ending up with an RKO to Barret on the table. Nothing Special.
Winner: Orton
Intercontinental Championship: Champion Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T. Did you know the last time that the Intercontinental title was defended was on October 2nd? During the Hell in a Cell PPV. Finally SUCKAS we get to see the title being defended. I think this will be a great match seeing that the Book man is in action. Also since Booker wont be on the announcers table.. I’m hoping JR fills in for him. I hope they open the show with this match, as it seems great. If Booker captures the title we can see him regularly performing.

Winner: Booker T.
Conclusion: Well this Sunday in Baltimore! Its going down. I think this is the great “go home” PPV before the Road to WrestleMania begins. Also I would just like to add, PPV buy rates went up thanks to Kane’s return on Raw this past week.  Oh and my good friend Mike Cornblatt (@dirtsheetmafia) will be in attendance! So follow him on Twitter to get all the off air notes!!

Once again, if you have any comments, suggestions, or any wrestling discussions hit me up on Twitter: @azansaigol

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